Finn, now aged 18, went to his hometown. He smiled weakly at the flagpole standing on it's own. He had a small bunch of flowers in his hand as he walked through the streets.

He made his way silently to the flag, the emblem of the Storm hawks printed in blue.

"I told you Aerrow… I'd never forget you…"

"I just want you to know that you'll always be in my heart…"

"As the one I love…"

"From now, until the day I die…"

"And when I do, we'll be together then…"

A small wind blew around him as he knelt before the two blades perched against the pole. He put the flowers down, recognizing the colour of them.

"They're red Aerrow… just like the colour of your hair, you never did like it… always claiming it was too bright."

He laughed slightly as the breeze became warmer, and small droplets of rain fell.

"You're crying aren't you?"

"Crying for me? For us?"

"Tell me why you're crying Aerrow… I don't want you to cry…"

"You know… I often wonder if you still love me… whether you've forgotten me and left with some hot dude in the sky…"

His waist felt warm, as if something was wrapped around it. A warm tingling sensation was on his lips as the rain soaked through his clothing.

"I hope you still love me…"

Finn stood there silently for a while listening to the sounds of everyday life. When a new sound came to his ears.

Yeah… I love you…


You idiot…

Well? That's now officially the end of this Fanfic… sweet huh?

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