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Chapter 10

The End?

Asian Branch

It has been a week Allen left HQ after failing taking Lenalee with him. The exorcists had been living in Asian HQ. They had adapted to their new home. HQ was still standing however. Komui, the generals and the science department decided to stay for another week. They would be setting off to the Asian branch today. Kanda and Lavi argue as usual. Krory and Miranda ferquently went sightseeing. Noise Marie just hang around. Bookman is always with Bak talking about recent events. Lenalee often remained in her room. She wondered how Allen, Ashley and Mana were doing. Nobody had seen them. She felt guilty for causing Allen to cry but she felt it is wrong to leave her best friends and brother only to be with him. Allen knew it was selfish of him for even thinking of taking her away. There had been reports of masses of Akumas disappearing in certain areas but no exorcist was sent to investigate as only a few are left and most are still recovering from injuries like herself. She kept having nightmares of Allen coming back to her but to end up lying dead in her hands and keep repeating the same sentence.

"Sorry, Lenalee. I love you….."

Then Allen would die and Mana and Ashley would just disappear while crying for her help. Lenalee clutched her head and cried to herself when thinking of it. Then Lavi entered the room to see Lenalee on her knees crying. Lavi noticed Lenalee had not been behaving odd ever since Allen wanted to take her with him. Allen was really crestfallen and Lenalee must have been feeling guilty. Lavi sighed. He approached her and patted her shoulder.

"Hey Lenalee. Want to grab a bite with me?"

"No thanks Lavi. I'm not hungry."

"Well, at least walk around. Don't stay in this room all day or you will stay sad thinking of Allen."

Lenalee smiled and stood up and left the room with Lavi. Bak seem to be more cheerful ever since Lenalee got out of her room and start socializing. He made idiotic attempts to win her heart even though she told her it was irritating. Bak begged her this time.

"Bak stop it! Don't act like a crybaby!"

"Lenalee-chan! Why? You dumped Allen didn't you?"

At the mention of Allen's name, Lenalee's expression changed. Lavi could not believe how blunt Bak was and punched him and grabbed his collar.

"Whatever you do, do not ever mention Allen's name in front of Lenalee or behind her back. She is under emotional stress. Please understand."

"I just want to comfort her and make her sadness go away, that's all."

"Bak, the person who can make Lenalee happy is not here. He is out there somewhere. Please let Lenalee clear her mind."

Lavi brought Lenalee to the canteen after persuading the girl to have some food to eat.

That evening changed their lives forever. An explosion was heard and all the exorcists went to investigate. They were surprised to see all the Noahs there. Jasebi, Skin, Tyki and Rhode. They all smirked and blasted their attacks towards the Asian HQ. The HQ was burning and falling apart. Lenalee wanted to ran back but Lavi and Miranda stopped her.


"There is nothing you can do, lenalee. Just pray that they are still alive," said Lavi trying to comfort her. Lenalee kept crying the names she knew of who were still in there. Rhode laughed.

"It burns better than the Black Order HQ."

"What?" said Lenalee.

"Oh, we destroyed your HQ," replied Jasebi. "We hope we got the Generals especially that Cross Marian. He was a pain in the ass."

"Now is the time to get rid of you exorcists," said Tyki. " I see Allen is not here. Well, let's get this over with."

Marie, Kanda, Lavi, Lenalee, Krory, Bookman and Miranda got ready. It was seven against four. Miranda's Time Record was a defensive weapon. Everybody attacked the which Noah on impulse. Krory and Bookman battles against Jasebi. Kanda and Marie battles against Skin. Lavi battles against Tyki and Lenalee fights Rhode. Miranda stood behind to use her weapon to temporarily cure the exorcists' wounds. Everybody seemed to be winning. Jasebi was getting worn out by Krory and Bookman's combined attack. Tyki and Lavi were evenly matched. Skin seemed to be a bit overpowered by Marie and Kanda. Lenalee seemed to be defeating Rhode. The Noahs realized they could be defeated and that's when HIM appeared. The Millinieum Earl had arrived with his black sword and defeated Kanda, Marie, Krory and Bookman with just one swing of his sword. Lenalee and Lavi managed to dodge. The Earl suddenly let out a dark surge of energy to blow the exorcists away.

"Sayonara, exorcists!!!"

Lenalee found herself being separated from the others. Lavi managed to grab her but the duo were still blown away by the impact of the Earl's attack. Lenalee could see Marie was with Miranda and Kanda was with Bookman and Krory. She could not believe everything was falling apart. She started to scream till she knocked out.

When the dust had cleared, the exorcists were nowhere in sight. The Earl was not happy. The exorcists were still alive. He decided to give Lulubell a call to help him out. The other four Noahs were tasked to find the exorcists and eliminate them. They were very eager to carry out the Earl's instructions. They went separate ways.

To Kanda, Bookman and Krory

Kanda was irritated that he ended up with Panda Man and vampire guy but he found out everybody just annoy them. He started to get up but he could not muster the energy. All he could think off is to sleep to get his strength. He tried to stay awake but his fatique took over him and he fell asleep. For Krory and Bookman, they are still unconcious.

Marie and Miranda still have not woken up. While the last two are.

To Lavi and Lenalee

Lavi and Lenalee were travelling on Lavi's mallet. They were trying to find a village to rest comfortably. Lenalee saw that Lavi was exerting himself but he kept saying he was alright. Then they heard a laugh and Lavi was knocked off the mallet and fell to the ground unconcious. Lenalee saw Rhode behind her.

"Damn you, Rhode."

"hehe. Lenalee I see you are still alive. Well time for your execution."

"Not without a fight!!! Innocence activate!!! Level Two!!!"

Lenalee went straight for Rhode but was slowed down by her injuries. Rhode easily dodged her attacks and kicked the chinese girl's stomach and sent her to the ground. Lenalee wanted to end Rhode's life once for all. Her desire to kill Rhode made her to do the unthinkable.

"Dark Boots, MAXIMUM INVOCATION!!!! Time to die, RHODE!!!!"

Lenalee's speed was incredible and Rhode thought it was going to be the end of her.

"Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukaze!!!!! DIE RHODE!!!!"

But suddenly the Earl appeared and took the attack and he was deeply injured. Rhode sighed in relief and went to help the Earl who was still alive. Lenalee could not believe her most powerful attack failed and that's when Tyki and Jasebi also appeared. Lenalee thought it was the end when she heard a voice.

I'll protect you, Lenalee Lee.

Who are you?

Your innocence, the…no time to explain…

Please help me, innocence…

Don't worry…help is on the way…just stay calm…


Lenalee lost conciousness but then her innocence started to react and create some kind of crystal to protect her. The Earl was shocked and was beginning to believe Lenalee's innocence is the Heart.

"Noahs attack that crystal!"

"I don't think so Earl!!! Chroma, Warp Slash!!!"

Tyki and the rest found themselves frozen in their tracks but were aware to what's going on. The Earl was angered by the appearance of the intruder.

"So you came after so long Allen Walker?"

Allen Walker, noah of time, appeared from the trees with Meres, noah of war and Ash, noah of detest. Allen smirked.

"You better leave Earl. Lenalee is under my protection."

"Hmph. Looks like you won this time Allen. We'll be back."

With that the Earl and the Noahs disappeared. Mana and Ashley watched at the crystal. Allen changed back and tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Looks like it has begun. Lenalee hang in there."

End of Girl with the Red Claw

Sequel: Evolution

I'll include a trailer at the starting of Evolution.

I'll start as fast as possible.

Character Bio


Human, Exorcist,Bookman Apprentice

Anti-Akuma Weapon


Weapon: A Mallet which can grow and use different element seals to do various attacks.

Enemies: Millinieum Earl, Noah Clan

Allies: Black Order, Exorcists, Allen, Ashley and Mana

People close to him: Lenalee Lee(treat her like a younger sister), Allen Walker(treat him like a younger brother), Yu Kanda(best friends?), Ashley Walker(love interest), Bookman(mentor), Arystar Krory(good friends)