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Life Goes On

Harry walked into the family room with Sirius at his back and paused, not quite able to believe his eyes. At the back of the family room, close to the stairs, sat a doll house so large it was comical. The house opened into two parts, hinged on one side so that its interior could be accessed and sitting in between both halves was a beautiful, black haired girl with delicate features dressed in a cornflower gown. She turned her piercing, slate blue eyes on Harry, eyes that were a variation on her father's grey and just as compelling, her face breaking into a delighted smile. It was still startling to him just how much she resembled Sirius, only softened with her child's features.

"Uncle Harry!" she cried, leaping to her long legs, a bit ungainly with a soft blush to show her consciousness of it. He picked her up and spun her around, laughing and smiling.

"How's my best girl?" asked Harry, setting her down lightly.

"Look Uncle Harry! Look what daddy got me!" she said tugging him by the arm, leading him into the family room to show off her prize.

Harry looked up as he neared the doll house and smiled at Hermione. Sitting snuggled next to her, peering over her elbow as she read was a curly-headed, brown haired child with a solemn expression. They both turned their faces to him and smiled. Liquid brown and caramel colored eyes met green over the coffee table.

"Hello, Uncle Harry," said the serious young man, but with the tender voice of a young boy. With Sirius' face, his mane of soft brown curls and caramel eyes he looked every inch the young lion for which he had been named.

"Hello, Ras," replied Harry. "How are you?"

"Uncle Harry," said the dark haired girl, tugging on his hand, irritated that his attention had been diverted. Suddenly, there was nothing Harry wanted more than to play with dolls. His focus left Hermione and Rasalas completely as he settled himself between the two halves of the enormous doll house.

"Adhara Lily Black! Cut that out this instant!" demanded Hermione, setting the book aside and sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Mummy said not to, Dar," added the sober Rasalas, looking at his sister imperiously. "Everyone knows now." She stuck a tiny pink tongue out at him. He stuck one back at her.

"Knows what?" asked Harry confused, his strange desire to play with dolls suddenly gone, he had after all, come over to give flying lessons as promised. Sirius walked over and gave him a hand up which he took gratefully.

They settled onto a couch together while Adhara, all elbows and knees, climbed up like an uncoordinated puppy to sit between them. She let out a tiny huff as her father ignored her independence and gathered her onto his lap. He kissed the top of her head and smiled at his wife. "Why don't you tell Harry about our recent discovery."

"Adhara," said Hermione, with a glance at her daughter, "has the rare ability to implant suggestions into the minds of others."

Harry's mouth dropped open. "You're joking! How…how did you figure that out?"

"Albus was over a couple of days ago. He was entertaining the kids during his visit, making things appear and disappear for them, when he tried to leave he felt grubby fingers pulling on his mind," replied Sirius, glancing unconsciously at the doll house. "Dar was trying to make him stay." Harry heard the lanky child in his godfather's lap grumble something unintelligible in her small voice.

"Hence gigantic doll houses when there isn't any room for one, much less the excuse of a birthday or Christmas," added Hermione irritably.

"Go easy on her," defended Sirius, stroking his daughter's silky black hair with his large hand. "She's only six."

Hermione smiled at the pair and then gave Sirius a patronizing look. Since the day of her birth Adhara had wrapped her father around her little finger. "I know, Sirius," she said gently and smiled at her daughter.

"The thing I'm most worried about is that she is going to end up in Slytherin," joked Sirius. Adhara turned her bright face toward her father with a questioning look, not fully certain what 'Slytherin' meant but pleased he was talking about her.

"That's not what I'm worried about," interjected Hermione.

"Really?" said Sirius surprised. "Pray, tell what you are worried about."

"Boys," said Hermione simply.

Sirius gave Hermione a blank look as he had conveniently overlooked the obvious, the implication dawned on him slowly as indicated by his tightening hold on his daughter. Unconsciously he began to shake his head before saying, "No. No boys."

Harry chuckled quietly while Hermione tutted, wondering to herself how difficult Hogwarts would be on her husband, only a few short years away.

"So, Harry, did you bring your broom?" asked Hermione, leaving Sirius, no doubt, to his thoughts regarding the feasibility of a chastity belt. She smiled at the two small heads that looked swiftly at her and then eagerly at Harry.

"Yeah," he answered. "That's what I'm here for, right? It's in the entryway." He was immediately mobbed by two excited six year olds.

"Daddy bought us our brooms the other day," sang Adhara excitedly, hopping up and down with childish abandon.

"Mummy wouldn't let us touch them though," added Rasalas with uncharacteristic grumpiness.

"Too right, she was at that," said Harry, supporting his friend. "It's important to learn to fly properly."

Adhara grabbed Rasalas' hand in her excitement and squealed, "We're going to learn to fly!"

"Do be careful," said Hermione nervously to Harry. "You how I feel about flying. Honestly, I don't know how Sirius talked me into this."

Sirius winked at her and replied, "I'll remind you later."

"Right, well, lets get to it," said Harry with a slight bit of embarrassment, grateful to see that the context of the conversation had sailed neatly over the children's heads.

Or so he hoped.

"Daddy always talks Mummy into the fun stuff," said Rasalas confidently.

"I don't know how," added Adhara. "First she said no but the next day she fine with it."

"Daddy knows Mummy magic," whispered Rasalas to Adhara who nodded sagely, her adoring gaze falling on her father, the conquering hero.

"Accio Broom," cried Harry, pointedly ignoring Hermione's flush and Sirius' wide grin, eager to get on with the lesson so he didn't have to suffer anymore of the children's observations.

"I'll just go get their brooms," said Hermione, taking the muggle approach to give her some relief.


"I've got something to tell you," said Hermione, as she and Sirius watched Harry patiently teach their children the basics of broom handling.

"Hmmm, what's that," murmured Sirius, as he watched all three of his children interact. The son of James would always be a son to him and it made his heart swell to know they all three adored each other.

"I'm taking a brief hiatus as President," she replied softly. "And at the next F.L.E.M. meeting I'm asking for a vote so that someone can fill my shoes as Chair Witch for a few months."

Turning away from the flying lesson, he gave her his full attention. "Why? Are you alright?"

Taking his hand in hers she placed it over her belly. "Never better."

The hand at her belly reminded him of their first ever conversation about children, as it was intended to. Understanding flooded his face as he broke out in a huge childish grin. "Really?"

"Definitely. I'm late," she said with special emphasis on the last word, "so I ran to the market this morning and got one of those muggle pregnancy tests."

Lifting her up he swung her around, whooping gleefully before falling into one of the metal patio chairs, settling his giggling, blushing bride securely in his lap. From out in the yard their children could be heard whispering conspiratorially to one another as the flying lesson halted to view the affectionate couple who were obviously thrilled about something.

"That's interesting," observed Harry.

"Daddy's using his Mummy magic again," whispered Adhara. "Wonder what it is?"

"I don't know," answered Rasalas. "But I'll bet its going to be fun!"


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