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It was just beginning to get light as she woke up, and as her senses began to kick in, she could feel an arm draped casually across her hip and a hand cupped one of her breasts. She looked down at the hand and...

"Oh no!", she gasped.

He bagan to stir and she tried to get out of his grip, but too late. He woke up, shifted closer to her so that his firm chest pressed against her back.

She shivered as he whispered in her ear, "Morning sweet tits".

"Sweet tits?!", she repeated in disbelief.

Why, oh why did I agree to go to the party last night? Why did I drink so much? I know I can't handle it. And worst of all, why did I let him, of all people walk me home?

She began to remember the previous night, talking with her sister, Bombalurina, telling her she was ready for Munkustrap, a handsom and strong guy, who she'd loved since middle school.

When the sisters arrived at the party and had said their birthday wishes to the birthday boy, Tumblebrutus, Bomba had headed straight to the drinks table While Demeter headed off in search of her love interest.

She hoped to Everlasting Cat he'd like her dress, although technically it wasn't actually hers, and she knew he'd probably guess that though. Bomba had leant her a dress that, even she didn't have the cleavage to fill it, she certainly had the legs for the length.

Demeter happened to spot him talking with Tugger, his bone-head, arrogant brother, who had a bit of a reputation with the ladies, including Bomba. She thought for a moment, why isn't Bomba floating around the area? If Tugger's here, then she's bound to be nearby.

Demeter scanned the party for a glimpse of her sister. She caught sight of her. Standing with her back to Demeter, and in front of Alonzo. He had his hands on her bottom and they were kissing. While they were smooching, Demeter noticed Alonzo's hands starting to travel north, up Bomba's extremely short dress. Demeter felt herself begin to blush, so she turned away and headed to get herself a drink.

She got to the drinks table and Griddlebone, who was a few years older, came up beside her.

"I like your dress, Bomba", said Grid in a sly voice.

"It's Demeter actaully, Grid", replied Demeter.

"Yeah, I know! So, why do you have your sisters dress on? I knew I recognised it".

Oh, she was such a bitch!

"It was her idea, she said I'd be able to catch Mu...a certain someone's eye wearing it!"

"Yeah right!", Grid scoffed as she walked off.

Demeter followed Griddlebone with her eyes as she walked away, and caught sight of Bomba and Jellylorum. They were surrounded by a small crowd of Rumpus, Pouncival, Rumpleteazer, Etcetera and Tugger. And, they were kissing?

Before she had the chance to do a double take, Tugger had walked into the middle of the circle and grabbed Bomba, he'd whispered something in her ear, Demeter could only imagine what, and they were passionately kissing.

Bomba then noticed Demeter was looking at them, told Tugger to stop and called her sister over. Demeter walked over with her head hung a little in embarassment. When she reached her sister, she stood in between her and Tugger, she didn't want a repeat of the indecent act she'd just witnessed.

"You enjoying the party Dems? I know I am!", Bomba said, giving Tugger a cheeky wink and giggling like an idiot.

"Erm...yes. It's great. Have you seen Munk anywhere? I need to talk to him", Demeter asked.

"Who? Stripes? I saw him chatting one of the girls up before. He's such a tiger! And, he tried it on with m...".

"Who? Bomba, who was he...", Demeter gave up, she getting ignored. Bomba and Tugger had gone back to flirting. So she just walked off, and hoped she'd find him.

As the party carried on into the night, and the next morning, Demeter had almost given up hope on trying to find Munkustrap until she saw him leaving. With Mungojerrie. And a worse-for-wear looking Bomba.

Hang on a second! She thought. Or was she just imagining? She knew Martini had that effect on her...Why is Bomba leaving with Mungo and Munkustrap. Mungo lives on the other side of town, unless...OhMiGah! She thought. Well, I knew Bomba was bad, but I didn't know she was this bad! She knew exactly what was going to happen...

But, what she didn't understand was, why was she leaving with Munkustrap. Demeter knew Bomba was into Mungojerrie, but why was Munkustrap taking them home? Maybe he was just being a good friend. To clear her mind, she shook her head, and went back inside the house, but she had a fresh thought now... How am I going to get home? As soon as the thought had processed in her head, none other than Tugger stepped up beside her.

"Hey Dems!", he slurred, "You waiting for someone?"

"Actually, I wondering how I was going to get home. Bomba's already left. So has...oh never mind. I'll just call a cab"

"No, no, I won't let you do that. I'll walk you home", he suggested as he began to sway.

"Tugger, you can barely stand up, so how are you going to walk?", she let out a small giggle, but immediately began to feel ill.

"Aww, come on babes. You live the next block to me! I'll walk you. I insist!", and with that, he grabbed her in his masculine one, and they began to walk the seven blocks to her house.

Now, the next morning, she woke and knew why she was sharing a bed with him.

He had walked her home, as promised, but with a slight difference. He had walked her to her doorstep, and while she was rooting for her key in her bag, he was nuzzling and nipping at her neck. She turned around to face him, while still digging in her bag for her key, they began to kiss properly.

She found the key, turned to unlock the door and opened it. Still kissing, she dragged him into the hallway by his shirt, she leaned against the wall and manged to close the door with her foot. It was lucky that her parents were on holiday, otherwise it would have woken them up with the bang it made as it closed shut.

Tugger stopped kissing her, looked her in the eye and picked her up. He tried his best to carry her up the stairs to her room, but failed. He let her down and they stumbled and fell, as they climbed the stairs together.

When they reached the top, Demeter thought she was hearing things, but she soon figured out why. It was Bomba and Mungojerrie. And Munkustrap? She quickly shook out her jealously towards her sister, and told Tugger to be quiet. With a smirk, she crept towards her sisters' bedroom door and listened,

" that again!" Mungo groaned.

"Do what again? This? Yes!", Bomba replied with a sultry sigh.

And then, in chipped Munkustrap, "No, Bomba, do it to me! Mungo's been getting all your attention since we got he...", he trailed off. And Demeter and Tugger could only imagine that Bomba was doing what Munk wanted. Demter had to stifle a giggle as she heard Bomba and Munk groaning and panting.

"Come on", Demeter whispered, "Let's go into my room" Demeter tried to manage a sultry look but, had no experience in them, so didn't know if she was getting it right. She'd been intimate with a few guys, but not for long enough to be casting off the "come to my room" looks.

But, now, she was in bed with Tugger, he was fondling her breasts and she hated to admit but, she was quite enjoying it. Suddenly the door opened and she pretended to be sleeping. It was Munkustrap, and he was looking for the toilet.

"OhMyGa...", he began to turn around and exit the room, when he stopped and turned back. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Is that Tugger? And Demeter? In the same house? Not to mention, the same bed?! Wait til I te...

"Sorry, Demeter, I thought this was the bathroom! So, you and Tugger, huh?", he gave her a wink, and noticed her turn beetroot.

"It wasn't supposed to happen", she muttered under her breath.

"What?", he asked.

"I said, it wasn't supposed to happen. And, I looked for you all over the house last night, where were you? I got really disappointed. And when I saw you leave with Bomba...I. Oh, yeah. Did you have fun with her last night?" Demeter said in a jealous tone.

"Dem. I'm sorry, alcohol does stupid things to people and I..."

"Stupid!!!" Demeter exclaimed in disbelief, which woke Tugger up.

"Hey, I was enjoying that dream and I...Oh my wasn't a dream. But, Deme? Huh?", he said and flopped back down onto the pillow.

"Listen, let's just put all of this behind us. Forget it ever happened? What do you say? Munk?"

"Okay. I can do that. Tugger? How about you?" Munk asked his brother.

"Yeah, but get me an asprin, my head's gonna blow!"

Demeter and Munkustrap both laughed. Stared at each other for a few seconds and then Munkustrap got up and left. Demeter knew he regretted last night, with her sister, and she liked it. So, a smug grin formed on her lips, she stretched, reached for her underwear and nightdress and headed downstairs to start breakfast.

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