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Chapter 2

The king glanced at Roger, who was looking at Lianne with a thoughtful expression.

"You got your mother's eyes," the duke said, grinning.

"You know mama?"

"Roger!" The king said warningly, as Roger opened his mouth. The duke fell silent. To Lianne, he said, "This is my cousin, Roger of Conte,"

Lianne bowed. "Father- "she started to say, but stopped. There was something in him that cannot be trusted, although she doesn't know what. It might be just nerves, she thought. The crystal glowed.

"Would you like to be his squire?" the king asked his daughter. The princess was silent for a minute. She clearly didn't like this man. At last, she sighed and nodded. "Yes, Father,"

"Where is Alanna?" Roger asked suddenly.

"Out riding with Third Company," the king replied, "there was an attack and a village burned down,"

"Father, I'll be staying here, right?"

Roger shook his head. "I'm taking you to my manor. The Conte manor,"

Great, Lianne thought, I'll be alone with him.

Lianne looked around the Conte manor with interest. Roger smiled. I'll have her alone like I had her mother, he thought. That was impossible. The king had forbidden him to go anywhere near his family. A maidservant rushed forward.

"Your grace," she said, curtsying.

"I require the connecting to mine is clean?"

The servant nodded.


"Your highness," the servant curtsied. "I'm Rachael. I'll be waiting on you,"

Lianne nodded, thinking. Roger easily had power over his servants. The princess called on her Gift, which was violet, like her mother's, but with a hint of blue. Instantly, she knew Roger couldn't be trusted. There was a powerful aura surrounding him. Lianne could easily see auras. She didn't know where she had gotten that from: her parents certainly never had it. Two guards ran forward.

"My lord your father's here,"

He has a father? She thought to herself. Roger smiled.

"Take him to my study Seri and Brandon. I'll be with him in a few minutes,"

They bowed and ran off.

"Come, your highness. I'll show you to your room," Rachael told her gently.

"You what?" Alanna cried. Jon flinched.

"I can trust Roger with-"

Alanna snorted. "Have you forgotten what he did to me!"


"First you let him live here. Now you're going to let Roger be Lianne's knight-master?"


"How can you let him be with our only daughter?"

"ANA! LISTEN TO ME!" The king yelled. Alanna was silent. Jon rarely lost his temper. Of course, she was the only one who can do that.

"He's family," the king said firmly. "He's changed." Jon knew what happened after Roger's father, James, had left for a few years. He started to act like him, the king thought. Drank and mistreat women. I hope he changed.

Alanna rolled her eyes. Silence fell. The queen was ashamed. It seems that they had a lot of fights, before and after Roger came.

"Jon, I'm-"

"Look, forget it, alright,"

"I love you, Jon,"

"Love you too, Alanna