"How Sly stole Christmas"

On Christmas Eve, where everyone was asleep at the lot

Sly and the gang, who just came to town were not

Sly loves to steal, each and every season

Please don't ask, no one quite knows the reason

Some say his mask was on too tight

Others say his friend Murray wasn't very bright

But others say that the most likely reason of all

Was that his commmon sense was two sizes too small

What ever the reason, his guts, his mask, or his shoes

He liked to be challenged, the sneaky raccoon

"Remember the heist we pulled in the last three games, they were big"

"But we can't top those, because Sony won't give us a gig"

"We got to think of a new heist" Sly said to his friends, Bently and Murray

"The year's almost over, so we need to think of one in a hurry"

Then Bently had an idea

A brilliant idea

A cunning idea

A sneaky idea

A brillian, cunning, sneaky idea

"I have a plan" said Bently "That would do the trick"

"I'll make a coat and hat so you'll look like Saint Nick"

So they got in their van, disguised as sleigh and reindeer

And before you know it, the're already here

Sly went down the first chimney, which had very little room

But if Santa can do it, so can this raccoon

He got stuck for a minute or two

Then he dashed out of the fireplace flue

When he got to the tree, he took all the stuff

He took the DVDs, CDs, the games, and the plush

The Murray came in and head for the kitchen

He took the ham, the yams, and even the chicken

When the went out, all they left to see

Was some punch that to cheap, even for Dimitri

And it was like that all night, Sly being stealthy and quit

Knocking nightgaurds unconsious so he won't start a riot

As the gang went back to their hideout, with the gifts they were bringing

They could have sworn they heard the townsfolk singing

They didn't stole Christmas, it already came

Somehow or another, it came just the same

Then Bently, with his wheelchair ice cold in the snow

Had kept puzzling and puzzling, "How could it be so"

"It came without preasents, it came without meat"

"It came without clothes, phones, or a receipt"

"That's because Christmas," said Sly "Means a little bit more"

"But who really cares, with what we have in store"

Then from out of no where, Carmelita had climbed

To punish the trio for their holiday crime

With the zap of her gun, they ran and drop their loot

"You stoen my preasents," said Carmelita "You filthy raccoon"