Azerothian Heroes

Character Writings by:



Zero the Dimensional Traveller

Melodia Songrunner


It was early morning for the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. The sun had not yet risen, but still the trees held in an overbearing heat. Sweat beaded slowly on my skin as I sat perched in the tree, high above the forest floor. The occasional cooling breeze from being so high above the ground was welcomed, but did little to help alleviate me of the hot humid air.

It was always the waiting around that was the worst for me. But there was an excitement to it as well, the feeling of preparedness, of knowing that you could pounce upon your target at any moment, like a sleek hunting cat, leaping from above to ambush your quarry, it being unaware of your presence until it is far, far too late. The anticipation grips me as I watch the lines tied off to the branches nearby, there to inform me of when one of my traps is sprung.

Suddenly, Nightshadow growls deeply, quietly in his throat, his claws scratching at the bark of the wood as he catches the scent of something. The dark cat leaps down the branches of the tree, quickly being lost in the myriad of leaves and branches and the dirt of the forest floor. A moment later, I can see his eyes glinting at me from a bush across the clearing, and I know something is coming. He knows what to do, from the way I've trained him since birth. He waits until the trap snares our quarry with its bait, and then drives it towards me.

There! Something takes the bait, and struggles when the snare lashes out and catches it in the foot. Nightshadow leaps forward into the brush as I pull an arrow to the bowstring and watch for them to emerge. A scaly tail whips out, sending Nightshadow flying across the clearing, and then the creature whips around into the clearing, a mighty raptor, its claws sharp enough to rend most trees in two.

With it's blue skin and the feathers tied to it's arms, this can only be the target I've been waiting for, Tethis the Sharpclaw. Time seems to slow as I draw the arrow back nearly to my ear, even the hot, humid air is gone as I focus, and the world becomes nothing but the Raptor, my bow, and the steady rythymic beating of my heart and breath. A moment, a Breath, two, three, and my arrow flys free, scything silently through the air towards the instinct-driven creature. For a moment, the raptor's eyes meet mine, feral intelligence hidden behind the dark red orbs of the lizard, and then, my arrow pierces its left eye, and the creature collapses to the forest floor with a shriek.

Nightshadow stalks up out of the brush where he had fallen, his paws padding silently over the lush jungle floor. He sniffs the corpse of the raptor a moment, paws at it gently, then turns to me as I climb down from the tree. He purrs at me gently as I stroke along his neck and behind his ear, scratching the little place he loves, as I examine the work cut out for me. The guild'll want the head as proof that I felled the beast, and cutting through raptor skin isn't the easiest.