By: Matrix Taylor

Rated: T

Type: Adventure

Anime: DBZ

Author's Note: This fic is my very first that I just recently came up with. It's the remake of Twister using DBZ characters. R&R

DISCLAIMER: DBZ does not belong to me.

PROLOGUE: A Twister This Way Comes

The storm outside seemed to be getting steadily worse. Aurora's father walked into the living room with a fresh cup of coffee, inhaling the rich smell of nicely brewed Joe. The television was set to the Weather Channel, keeping them updated on the weather. This time of year was tornado season and one could hit at anytime. The weather has been bad as of late. Plus, their home was only miles from where the last few tornadoes hit. Aurora's father would do anything to keep his family safe.

"…All parts of Oklahoma are in the path of the tornado." The weatherman says.

Suddenly, the Aurora's father heard something that sounded as if a lion was roaring. However, her father knew that it was something much worse. Wasting no time, he ran upstairs to get his kid and wife, who were both upstairs.

Auroa, dressed in footie pajamas, was asleep in bed with her dog, Krypto, sleeping at the foot of the bed, when her dog began to whine. But, that was not what woke Aurora up. Aurora was startled awoke by a strange sound that she has never heard before. It sounded worse then the noise of the monster she had under her bed at night. She laid there still tired and wondering if she could have been imagining it. But, before she could really figure outif her imagination was just playing tricks on her again, her mommy hurried into her room.

"Come on Aurora. Get up and let's go." Her mom says hurrying to her bedside.

"Mommy, what's happening?" Aurora asks, rubbing her eyes.

"It's okay." Her mother replies, lifting Aurora into her arms. "I got you sweetheart."

"Mommy, where are we going?" Aurora asked, now confused and getting even more afraid.

"It's okay sweetie! Come on!" She says, grabbing a jacket to put over Aurora.

"Honey, let's go! The storm's coming!" Aurora father says, bursting into Aurora's room.

Aurora has never heard her father sound so afraid before. He was afraid of nothing. Well, that is what Aurora thought anyways. After all, he was a Saiyan!

"Okay. I've got Aurora!" Her mother says to her father.

Aurora stared back at the bed where their dog still lay whining.

"Krypto," Aurora cries out, suddenly realizing that they were leaving the dog.

"Aurora! Aurora! Aurora!" Her mother called, trying to hold on to a struggling Aurora.

"I got her!" Her father says as Aurora kicked and screamed, struggling to get free so she could go back for the dog.

"Krypto! Krypto!" Aurora kept calling and struggling as her father took her in her arms and both of their parents ran further away from the house.

Luckily, the dog heard his name being called and got out of the door, running after them and getting out just before a huge bolt of lightning struck the house and caused the whole house to explode. This terrified Aurora more than it did her parents and she buried her face deep in her father's shoulders, thinking of Krypto and hoped their dog got out safe.

They ran to the storm shed, her father having no choice but to sit down to open the storm shed's door. Aurora kept screaming for Krypto, more frightened then she has ever been in her life. Her mother and father both got the shed unlatched and opened. Holding open the door, her father made sure both his daughter and wife were both in before entering and closing the door behind him, the strong wind making it hard to keep shut.

Suddenly, Aurora recognized heard a bark outside.

"Daddy! Daddy! Krypto's still outside!" Aurora says.

Her father re-opens the door and the little terrier comes running into the shed and right by Aurora's side. Aurora hugged and held the dog close, thinking if she did then nothing bad would happen to the little puppy. Silently, she whispered soothing words to the dog. Meanwhile, her father shut and locked the door while her mother lit an emergency lamp with a match.

"Keep her back honey," Her father instructs her mother.

Obediently, his wife grabs Aurora, surprising the chibi saiyan.

"Krypto!" Aurora cried, worried that the little dog may run away again as he moved away from her.

But he did not. The dog just got comfortable. The whole family and their dog huddled together, listening to raging and roaring of the storm. It was so strong; it was causing the door of the little storm cellar to shake, practically snatching the door off the hinges. Aurora's father knew he had to do something quick before the door really is snatched off as the heard what sounded like the storm getting worse.

"Take Aurora," Aurora's father commanded his wife.

She takes Aurora while her father hurried over and held the door. The door was already old and almost off its hinges. However, it has always held before. As he held the door, he could feel the full force of the wind so strong that even a very strong Saiyan like Aurora's father was having trouble keeping the storm from ripping the door from its hinge. But, he knew that he had to for the sake of his family. He already knew of the great risk he was taking. The storm itself was right over them. He could feel it.

Suddenly, without warning, the storm snatched the door off of its hinge and the only thing could be heard were Aurora's father screams as the twister sucked him and the up door. Then the angry roar of the storm was clear as Aurora and her mother looked on horrified. Krypto began to bark again, but the little terrier stayed put. The only thing she and her mother were able to see was a black cloud and swirling wind.

"Daddy," Aurora screams, running right for the door.

But, her mother grabbed and held her, no matter how much she screamed and fought. Tears poured down her face as she looked up and saw the black, ruthless swirling storm that took herfather away.

When the storm ended a few minutes later the only ones left was Aurora, her mother and their dog, Krypto…

To Be Continued

Author's Note: As you may have already guessed, Aurora is Jo. Each character will be added as the story progresses.

Again, R&R