Author's Starting Notes: If you've clicked on this, I'm sure you have a sense of humor, either that or you were curious as to what the heck I was smoking when I thought of this. If you're the later of the two choices I just mentioned the answer is nothing for I would never smoke, I believe in hugs not drugs. Now, all the oddness aside let me to speak about my idea. This came to me while I was prancing through the Sahara desert with my pet dementor, Alondon…. Okay, so, maybe it didn't. Truthfully, my friend and I were talking on IM and she kept typing in the lyrics to 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' and unsurprisingly, I thought to write a story about it. So, this story is about a young blonde who decides she's going to kill Santa because he kissed her mom and drags her brother along for the ride. Yeah, you can guess who this story is about.

Summary: When you're eight years old, sometimes you do things without thinking. Planning to kill Santa Claus because he kissed your mom definitely falls on that list. A Christmas tale about the joys of childhood and misunderstanding.



I have a tale for you today

About a girl and a boy and Santa's sleigh

In this tale, you will see

What happened one Christmas in Albuquerque

There was a young girl about the age of eight

She may have been sick but her thirst was great

She didn't want to move so she gave her mother a call

But with no answer she crept down the hall

She heard a hearty laugh and wondered who

Would be at her house, half past two

There was her mother and a mystery man

Who had the whitest beard in all the land

His stomach was large and it moved like a sheet

As he scooped up her mother right off her feet

Her mother tickled him and leaned in for the kiss

Who knew Santa was on Mommy's list?

There was her mother, that much she could tell

Just watching them kiss made her anger swell

She was bubbling mad and she was fit to scream

They pulled apart and her mother gleamed

He turned around and she caught sight

Her mother was kissing Santa that night!


End Author's Note: So, that was my opening poem. Is anyone interested in reading? If you are, review, if you aren't review, if you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, review, if you haven't caught the message of this section, it is REVIEW!!!!