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Raven rushed to the bathroom. This was the sixth time she had to get up to puke her guts out. What's wrong with me? Raven thought as she opened up the toilet lid, spilling her dinner and late night snack into the toilet bowl and leaving a disgusting taste in her mouth. Quickly reaching for the toothpaste, she squirted some in her mouth, added water, and got her toothbrush. How long she was in the bathroom, she couldn't tell. All Raven knew was that she brushed until her gums bled. Returning to her room, she fell down upon her bed. Garfield, where are you? He said he'd be gone a week, but it's been a month! "Please, God, let him be okay. I'm not sure if you've ever listened to me, because I'm part demon, but please, listen now. Protect my boyfriend and bring him back to me. I ask this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen."

Starfire stood outside Raven's door. She heard the prayer coming from her friend's lips. Knocking on the door, she asked, "Friend Raven, may I come in?"

"It's two in the morning, Starfire. Go back to sleep."

"But you have been the sick as of late. Please, I wish to talk to you."

"I'm fine, Starfire. I probably have a stomach flu or something," Raven lied. Truthfully, Raven didn't believe she had the stomach flu. Raven believed, with all hope, that she was pregnant. "Night, Starfire."

Although she knew something was wrong, Starfire didn't press the matter. After all, it was futile to get Raven to open up. "Good night, Raven."

When Raven was sure Starfire had left, she laid in her bed and cried herself to sleep.

-11 o'clock-

"You're sure," Robin asked worriedly, "that Raven is very ill?"

"Yes, Robin, why else would Raven try and hide her having the sick?"

"We'll take her to the hospital when she gets up. I promise, Star."

"Hey, y'all, is BB back yet?" Cyborg asked. Robin shook his head, and Starfire turned away. Cyborg sighed and went to go make some waffles, which he burnt to a crisp.

"Cyborg, get the T-Car ready."

Cyborg's face lit up. "We're going on a cross country trip to search for Beast Boy!"

"No, Cy. We're taking Raven to the hospital when she wakes up." At hearing this, the half-man, half-machine, one-man army Titan freaked out.

"What! Is she sick? Why hasn't she told us? I am not going to lose another friend!!!"

"Whoa, Cyborg, we don't know. Starfire thinks Raven's very ill and…?

"Very ill! What are you waiting for? An invitation! Let's get her now!"

"Cy, we're not sure. Besides, remember the last time we tried to wake her up?"

Astonishingly, Cyborg grinned.


"Raven, time to wake up. Robin says we have to train. Now come on, get up."

Raven just ignored him. Apparently, she didn't want to be woken up. Cyborg wondered what to do. After about 15 minutes, he grinned. This just might work. Hopefully, Raven wouldn't kill him afterwards.

Sticking a finger in his mouth, he made it as wet as it could be without rusting. After taking it out, he stuck it in Raven's ear. The effect happened immediately. Raven shot up and out of her bed, and glared. "Cyborg! You are going to pay!" Raven screamed, growing to twice her height, head bumping the roof. Her eyes glowed red, and she lifted Cy off the floor.

Robin was in the kitchen, trying to help Starfire cook. Beast Boy was playing Legacy of Kain: Defiance on the Gamestation 720. All was normal, except that Cyborg was still trying to get Raven up. Beast Boy had volunteered, but Robin shook his head. Cyborg volunteered, and that was twenty minutes ago. Thud. Everyone stopped what he or she was doing. A few more thuds, and Cyborg flew through the wall, through one of the windows, and out the Tower. As if to answer their questions, a pissed-off Raven floated through the common room door. As the Titans watched in shock, Raven flung Cyborg across Jump City bay, and then flung him over the city.

"Nobody wakes me up," Raven stated, and then went back to her room.

-End Flashback-

"Yeah, better to let her wake up on her own."

It was another hour before Raven got up. Her stomach growled, so she went to get a cup of tea. Upon entering the common room, she found Robin and Starfire in the kitchen. Great, she thought, I don't want to deal with anyone right now. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

"Tea," Robin offered. Raven took the cup with a "thank you" and went to go look out the windows, hoping for a sign that Beast Boy was returning.

"Feeling alright, Raven? You look sick."

"I'm fine, Robin. As I told Starfire, it's probably just the stomach flu."

"Still, we're taking you to the hospital. You were up six times last night."

Eyeing Starfire, Raven asked, "how would you know?"

Robin sighed. "Raven, we've been noticing that you've been ill lately. Starfire begged me to let her keep watch on you yesterday, so I agreed to let her watch you for one night."

Raven glared at Robin and Starfire. It wasn't an angry, 'you invaded my privacy, now you're going to get it' look, but more of a 'that was sweet of you' kind of glare. She knew that her friends did spied because they cared. "Just let me finish my tea. Then we can go."

Five minutes later, the Titans were on the way to the hospital. Once they got there, Raven refused to get out of the T-Car. "Um, I'll just stay here. Please," she begged, could we do this another time?"

The others shook their head. Realizing it was futile to argue, Raven silently go out of the car.

"Ah, Titans, I'm James Gussert. Now, if you'll just follow me, we'll run some tests." The Titans followed Dr. Gussert until, "sorry, you'll have to wait here."

"No," Robin stated, "she's our friend. We come to."

"I'm sorry, but you can't go any further. Don't worry, your friend is in the best of hands."

"I understand," Robin sighed, earning him looks of astonishment from Cyborg and Starfire. Robin giving up was something they never thought possible. Nonetheless, they let Dr. Gusset take Raven to the room.

-Doctor's Room-

"How are you feeling today, Raven?"

"Fine, Dr. Gussert," Raven lied. "How are you?"

"Well, thank you. Now, if you'll just step over here, I'd like to…"

"Dr. Gussert, I'd like an ultrasound."

"Okay then. Just lay on the table, and I'll be right back."

Six minutes later, he came back with some type of equipment. "Raven, I'm going to attach these wires to your belly, okay?"

Raven just nodded, and closed her eyes. That's cold, please hurry up.

"Looks like, yes, that's" but he was at a loss for words.

"What is it, doctor?"

"Congratulations, Ms. Roth, you're going to have triplets," he replied happily, turning the screen towards her.

Raven couldn't believe it. Me, a mother? Triplets? What Dr. Gussert had said impacted her like a ton of bricks, or a blast from Trigon's eyes. She stared at the screen and smiled. I'm going to have babies. She got up from the table, took the wires off, and hugged Dr. Gussert. "Thank you, thank you," she cried, tears falling from her eyes.

"You're welcome, Ms. Roth. Remember, I'll be here for you whenever you need me. Here's my card," he said, releasing himself from the hug. Reaching for the pocket on his coat, he took out a small slip of paper and handing it to the gothic beauty. Raven said thank you one more time, hugged him again, and left.

Raven beamed as she told the Titans the good news.

"Please, who is the father," Starfire asked innocently.

"Yeah, who'd be dumb enough to get our little sister knocked up?"

"Cyborg, calm down. As for the answer to your question, Starfire, it's Beast Boy."

"Beast Boy? But," Robin stated in shock, "he always gets on your nerves."

"I know. You ever think he was just trying to impress me?"

Robin admitted that the thought hadn't crossed his mind.

The trip back to the Tower was a quiet one at best. Tension was in the air, but Raven didn't notice. Garfield, we're going to be parents!

When they got back to the Tower, Raven went to the roof to meditate. After a few hours, she went to get some dinner then went to her room.

Raven lay on her back, trying desperately to fall asleep. Triplets, I'm going to have triplets. She smiled. Doctor Gussert had just informed her a few hours ago that she would be having three kids. I can't wait to tell Beast Boy. Garfield Logan. Whatever, he'll be so happy. She put her hand on her belly and began to rub. "What will I name you? Mommy needs to know," she said playfully. Before she drifted off to sleep, her last thoughts were of Beast Boy, and their one night together.

Next up, the search for Beast Boy.