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The coming of March marked a point of anticipation for the Teen Titans. Raven was nearing her due date, her belly growing bigger almost every day. Instead of just Raven staying in the Tower during missions, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire took turns watching over her, just in case Raven went into labor.

"I'm perfectly fine by myself," Raven protested, stubborn as ever. She gave in after the Robin said there would be no going on missions if Raven was to be left by herself.

The alarm blared, red lights began flashing, and the Titans hurried towards the common room. "Fang's robbing a jewelry store, 174 South Norshall Street. Titans, go!" Robin cried, and he and Cyborg left.

"Oh friend Raven, do you want to do the reading of poetry or meditation." Starfire asked happily.

"No Starfire. I just want to lay down. Happy Saint Patrick's Day."

Speaking of Saint Patrick's Day, the Titans were all wearing green. Though Raven kept it to herself, the green made her miserable. She missed Beast Boy, often waking up in the middle of the night and crying herself back to sleep over him. He had disappeared, and she feared the worst. He was dead, and she was sure of it. Raven didn't want to believe it, her heart cried out "he's alive" but she would not listen. After a while, her heart stopped arguing and accepted the inevitable. Garfield Mark Logan, the only man she had truly loved, was gone. Forever. As she had done for a few months, Raven sobbed, crying herself to sleep.

"Duck!" Robin yelled, as Fang shot wildly. Tossing a flash pellet, Robin ran and dove for cover behind a desk. "Cyborg, try and knock the gun out of his hands!"

"I'm trying!" Cyborg shot his sonic cannon, missing Fang by mere inches. Cyborg ducked as the deadly shots flew past his head, one coming so close he could feel it pass. As soon as the lasers stopped, Cyborg fired. This time, his aim was true, and the gun went soaring. "It's over, Fang! Surrender."

"Never!" the villain shouted. He pulled out a grenade and tossed it at the metallic teen. Out of nowhere, a member of the JCPD jumped in front of the grenade, grabbing it and hugging it to his chest. The ensuing explosion sent body parts and blood flying everywhere.

A hail of gunfire brought Fang down. The nightmare was over. Eight officers severely wounded, one dead, five cop cars in flaming ruins. Officer Nathan Jeenly wondered how the teen heroes had even been able to get close to the now deceased villain. Looking over at the two Titans, he saw their looks of shock. They looked pale, as pale as the telekinetic one, oh, what was her name? Ah yes, Raven. Word had gotten out that she was pregnant, and the father had abandoned her after she told him about the pregnancy. Other rumors circulated that she didn't know who the father was. Whore, slut, these were just a few of the names people had been whispering on the streets. The names got worse, and so did the rumors. Jeenly didn't believe any of it. It was know Raven was pregnant, and the Titans constantly had a guard with her at all times, thus leaving the Titans down to two active members at any given time. Ever since then, crime had spiked. Some people claimed Jump was just as bad as Metropolis or Gotham. Pushing these thoughts aside, Nathan Jeenly turned to the task at hand. "Somebody get a mop and clean this up! I want an autopsy, find out who this poor soul is and tell his family. Get a body bag and carry that spider headed creep out of here." Turning his attention towards where the two Titans stood, he noticed they looked extremely sick. "Robin, I think it's best you and your friend get home and rest. I know this ain't easy, kid. I've seen my fair share of deaths, and it always gets to you." Pity lay in his pit for the teens, who obviously had never seen anything like this. Well, maybe Robin, but it had to have been years. As the teens left, Jeenly turned towards the task of directing a messy clean up and preparing a funeral.

Gotham City

"Commander, Fang did not succeed in his task." The young private hesitated, waiting for an outburst.

"As I thought. He'll be punished for his failure after we break him out of jail. Or maybe we should leave him to rot. What do you think, private?"

"Sir, Fang was killed by JCPD. He used the grenade, but some cop tried to play hero and got in the way. Blood and body parts everywhere."

"Well, his death takes care of one problem. Private, I think it's time. Time to set the rest free." Turning away, the commander cursed his bad luck. Oh well, I shall have my revenge. No matter how long it takes.

Titans Tower, Jump City.

Robin and Cyborg sat down, neither able to speak a word. "Friends!" a joyful Starfire cried, "you have returned! What is wrong, were you not victorious?"

Robin opened his mouth, but the words were caught in his throat. He didn't know how to explain this to Starfire. Thankfully, Cyborg jumped in and explained that Fang had killed a police officer. This put a frown on Starfire's face, but only for a second.

Two hours later, the trio of Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg were watching Galaxy Quest, when an ear shattering scream pierced the air. "Raven!" they yelled in horror, running to her room. They found her laying on her bed, clutching her belly.

"The babies are coming!" Raven shouted in pain.