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A man walked across the Burning Plains. On his back was a large sack of what looked like potatoes. The man was very muscular. His face was pinched with muscle and black with soot. His arms were the same. Ripped with muscle, but black with soot, which probably came about by the means of a fire. His legs were muscular, but not black with soot. He grunted which probably had something to do about holding the sack. A guard walked up to him and demanded," Who are you and what is your business here." The man did not reply, he just kept walking toward the castle."Sir answer me or you will be killed immediately!" That got the man's attention. He stopped, dropped the sack, and started rummaging through it clearly looking for something. "Sir if you do not answer me you will die." It was at that sentence that the man pulled an object. It reflected blue on to the guards face. In awe the guard dropped his sword. "You may pass." This was the man he was warned about. Nasuada told him if a man walks up to him and pulls out an object like the one he saw, let him pass. For he is her guest. Embarrassed the guard picked up his sword and opened the gate.

Eragon and Roran were in Eragon's room. Once again Eragon was explaining his life since Carvahall. He was at he part where Saphira and Eragon find Murtagh. That was when Saphira entered his mind. Eragon, a strange man has entered the castle. I do not like the smell of him. OK, Roran and I will go check it out, Eragon replied. "Eragon, what did she tell you?" Roran asked. He was beginning to tell when Eragon and Saphira talked. "She told me that a strange man has entered the castle." "Then what are you waiting for? Lets go!" So Roran and Eragon raced down the stairs and stopped in front of Nasuada's door. "I think we should tell her," Eragon said. "Good idea." Eragon told the guards the password, and they knocked on the door. "Come in," a stern yet soft voice said from inside the room.

Eragon and Roran walked in and were astonished by who was sitting in front of Nasauda. A man full of muscle was sitting there. Blackened with soot it looked like he would ruin the chair, but Nasuada did not seem to care. "Shadeslayer, Roran, I would like you to meet Qorum." Qorum stood up and at his full height must have been about six feet five inches. "Nice to meet you Shadeslayer. It is an honor," Qorum said. His voice was very deep and booming. "Nice to meet you too, Qorum," replied Eragon. "This is my cousin Roran. He is a fierce fighter and I owe him my life." "An honor to meet you Roran, cousin of the great Shadeslayer." Right as Roran was going to reply back, Nasuada interrupted him. "So Eragon, what did you come in here for?" "It is quite strange actually. Saphira said she saw a strange man walk into the castle, so Roran and I came done to warn you, but as a see it was just Qorum." Qorum smiled as if this was just an every day activity. "So Eragon why do think Qorum is here?" asked Nasuada. " My guess is as good as anybodies," he replied. "Well Qorum is here to give you a gift. You might want to call Saphira. I am fine with her looking through the windows." "OK," Eragon said. Saphira, that strange man you told me about is supposed to have a gift for me. Nasuada told me you could watch through the windows. Eragon told her. OK, I will be there soon. You better not let him give that gift to you until I'm there. Saphira demanded. "Saphira is coming, she says she will be here soon," Eragon told everybody. Sure enough Saphira was there immediately. As Nasuada saw her she opened the window so Saphira could stick her head through the opening. Hello Eragon. Hello Saphira. In awe Qorum's mouth hung open. "Go on Qorum, she won't hurt you unless you attack Eragon, which would be a very unwise decision," Nasuada told Qorum. Staggering Qorum opened the sack to reveal...

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