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Sapphire light reflected across the room. Saphira, who never would drop her jaw in awe for fear of letting down her guard, showed in her eyes the delight of seeing this awsome gift. Eragon where as dropped his jaw in awe and looked like he would almost start drooling. Roran, who had really never had a good look at Zar' roc, was drooling. Qorum, even though he knew what was inside still could not keep from staring in awe. "It's incredible!" Eragon stuttered. It was a sapphire sheath. The sheath taking in light then letting it back out sea blue turned the whole room blue. When Qorum pulled out the sword inside Eragon almost fainted. It looked just like Saphira's scales. "I can't believe it!" Not just the color but imprinted into the hilt was Shadeslayer along with a huge cut sapphire that the was the upper guard of the hilt. Qorum gestured over to Eragon who walked over to him and pulled out the sword.

He pulled it out too fast, for it was the lightest sword he had ever handled. The sword went flying and Eragon quickly yelled, "Gath sem sverdar un lam iet!" Immediately all the swords in the room flew into Eragon's hand. Nasuada gasped as her sword slipped out of her hilt, Qorum's sword was torn off his belt, Eragon's flew back off his leather hilt and to his hand. The only sword that didn't fly back was the new one. Blood oozed from his hand. Eragon cursed, and quietly whispered,"Waise heill." Soon afterwords the wounds sealed back up. Tired Eragon handed the swords back and picked up the new one. "Lot of trouble this has caused me already, oh well. I think this blade deserves the name Bjartskular, bright scales." "Well as I was going to tell you, that sapphire has energy storing capabilities. Along with, what you just found out, the lightest blade ever crafted, the first blade made by dragon fire, elven smiths, and dwarfs. It is unbreakable, and will always stay sharp no matter what. This is the biggest part of it, anything you kill with it, their energy will automatically go to the sapphire, giving you a lot of energy." "Thank you," Eragon said. Qorum bowed and walked out.

Well Eragon, that was interesting. It will defiantly help us in our quest to overthrow Galbatorix, Saphira told him. Yes it really will, but first I need to figure out how to handle it, Eragon replied. Yes you really do, Saphira said. Nasuada suddenly spoke," Well I hope that helps. I was told about this by the elves months ago. I knew how badly you needed a new sword so I ordered this." "Why did you never tell me?!" "I thought it would be a good surprise." "Fine," Eragon said. "I think we are done here than." "You are dismissed Eragon, Shadeslayer and Roran." Eragon and Roran bowed and walked out. At that very moment Eragon felt like something bad had happened. Eragon dismissed the idea, thinking it was just his imagination. As they were walking to the door, Roran said," Eragon, when you cast those two spells, I... I oh, I don't know, felt really strange like, something was flowing through my body. It was like, magic." "Well if somehow you did inhabit magic, it would be unsafe for you to try to use it," Eragon told him.

When they reached the room it was trashed. Items scattered everywhere, blankets, pillows, packs they were open and scattered. Eragon cursed. Saphira, Eragon called, but got received no response. Saphira! Eragon cried tears in his eyes. Then Eragon yelled out into space," Saphira!" Roran walked over to him. "What happened?" "She's... she's... gone." Eragon sobbed than cried in his lap. Eragon cursed. "I, Eragon Shadeslayer, curse whom ever stole Saphira, my dragon and our last hope.

Across the Burning Plains, a tall man with long bangs covering his sad eyes sobbed. For he was leading a blue sapphire dragon to her destiny.

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