Someone to Love by MASTER AUTHOR

(ya my newest fix! a little mikayaxvolug and a twist that will keave you reeling! please review!!!)

it was the middle of a war and mikaya was in her tent eating tea and crumpets WITHOUT THE TEA. this was a mortal sin but she did not care right now because it was very hungry. then volug came in and saw her eating tea and crumpters and in his secret language said "oh your eatign tea and crumpe-WITHOUT THE TEA!!?!?!?!?" he was stunned and his jaw dropd as he witnessed the gastly scene

but mikaya didnt speak volug and so she kept right on eating and the volug got angry. it wa shis duty to rectify his situation. he remembered froma long time ago when his father told him that eating tea and crumpters WITHOUT HE TEA would awaken the dark god and destroy space and tiem itself. he count let that happen e grabbe dmikayua by the arm and dragge dher away from the plate of crumpets. mikaya protested loudly but he ci;d not let her eat tea and cru,[pters.

"let me go and let me eat my tea and crumpters to halfbreed" said mikaya and now volug was PISSSED

"YOU WANT CRUMPETS!??!?!!! I WILL GIVE YOU CRUMPETS!!!!!!!" he said as he pulled out his massive penis and shove dit into mikayas motuh and she screamed. volugs face was alight in sadistic pelasure

"YES YOU WILL EAT ALL OF YOUR CRUMPETS YOU HEATHEN" he said as he pelvic thrusted. then mikayareache deseprately for the plate of crumpters and volug didnt notice. then she slammed th plate onto volugs head and he howeld

"why did you do that!" he said as he rubbed his owie. mikaya tried to escape but volug was click and he grabbe dher legs

"you will PAY" he yelled as he spread her legs and reveal her special plac.e mikaya screamed again but no one came to help. she waited for th inevitable doom...

BUT THEN GHEB BURST INTO THE TENT LIKE YEAH!!! wearing the face of an angry war god her grabbed volug and threw him onto the ground

"ERECTION GET" he yelled as his pants exploded. he then stabbed volug with it several times until he was a bloody mass of halfbreed corse. mikaya stood up as gheb stood over the corpse

"you saved me gheb" said mikaya.

"i cannot allow perfection to be harmed. now if you excuse me i must find my lover lyon" said gheb as he left the tent and flew away. mikaya sat down and finished her crumpters.

and then the dakr god was released and the universe was destroyed

(i am very proud of this work and i hope you enjoyed it!!!)