Secret Numba 486

(A/N:) Planning this to be 3 chapters, each with a different theme but connecting so enjoy! series of one shots i think or just one big story

Numba 4

It was lunch time for Karakura High, Kuchiki Rukia and Kurosaki Ichigo were hanging around the roof top, silently eating there melon pan. Ichigo and Rukia were together already, but ever since they were Rukia was acting strangely cold to Ichigo. To find out whats wrong with her Ichigo had started a weird cycle of saying "I love you Rukia" almost every hour of the day but still no reaction out of her. Instead of saying "I love you" back to him, she just gave a weird look on her face that's mixed with annoyance and anger.

"Rukia, just tell me what's the damn problem" Ichigo hollered breaking the quite air around their silent lunch time.

"Nothing" Rukia replied nonchalantly"Finish your pan and lets go inside" Rukia said while clasping her hand into his hand.

After finishing his lunch Rukia dragged him into an empty classroom.

"You want to know why I'm angry at you?"


"you're a sweet idiot Kurosaki Ichigo,but you don't need to tell me that you love me every hour on the hour.I t gets annoying some times, and sounds very desperate and so suspicious, like your cheating on me" Rukia said smirking " Well?Are you?"

"WHAT...Hell no..."Ichigo said in a shocked state

"Good but just so you know" Rukia said while a smirk on her face.She then slammed Ichigo up against the wall and kissed him, just as Ichigo was starting to get out of the shock she slapped him."Ichigo, you only need to tell me you love me four times a day. Now hurry up or we'll be late for class" Rukia said then dragging the shocked Ichigo out of the vacant class room back to class.

As they entered the classroom they were suddenly ambushed...

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