Hey! Uh.. I'm Bunny, and this is Sprint. Welcome to Warriors of the Wood! It's a Warriors, the book series by Erin Hunter, based story. It takes place in WoodClan, where we follow young Snowpaw through her story of struggles, love, battles, all that good Warriors stuff. ;D

So, we made all the cats together, all the Clans, yadayada. Actually, I'm posting this when we are on Chapter what... uh, 27? Nope. 29. Anyway, I, Bunny, am gonna post Chapters and such when I have the notebook at home. We swap during school, and will be taking a break over Christmas break.

Anyway, you could actually compare these Clans to Clans in the book! WoodClan is like ThunderClan, Breeze like Wind, Sand like Shadow, and Lake like River.

Well, yeah. These are just the Allegiances. So, have fun! D



Leader: Fernstar- Hazel she-cat with unusual brown spots and yellow eyes.

Apprentice: Snowpaw

Deputy: Smokelimb- Burly gray tom with orange eyes.

Apprentice: Rootpaw

Medicine Cat: Hazelberry- Light brown tabby she-cat with black stripes, plumed tail, small feathered ears, and white muzzle, underbelly, and legs and light green eyes.

Warriors: Frostfoot- Pale brown tom with dark brown, face, tail, legs and ears, white paws and neck and steel gray eyes.

Mistyleg- Light blue-gray she-cat with white underbelly, black stripes, and dark gray eyes.

Barkfur- Chocolate brown tom with off-white eyes.

Voletooth- Thin dark tan tom with white underbelly, gray tail, and light green eyes.

Apprentice: Eaglepaw

Apprentices: Snowpaw- Cream she-cat with white muzzle and underbelly, dark brown tabby face and tail tip and warm blue eyes.

Rootpaw- Pure white she-cat with two black spots, black tail, ear, splattered face and yellow-green eyes.

Eaglepaw- Light brown tom with white underbelly, dark brown face "mask", tail, white paws, and steel blue eyes.

Elders: Brokenbranch- Fluffy dark brown tom with orange neck and eyes.


Leader: Rushingstar- Brown tabby tom with faint black stripes and piercing orange eyes.

Deputy: Mosscloud- Gray she-cat with bright green eyes.

Medicine Cat: Softfur- Brown, long legged tom with tan underbelly and orange eyes.

Apprentice: Honeypaw

Warriors: Spottedlimb- Tan spotted tabby tom with black pattern and pale green eyes.

Darkwind- Slick black she-cat with orange eyes.

Apprentice: Redpaw

Blueclaw- Long haired gray tom with a blue-gray tint and piercing pale green stare.

Rosethorn- Long-haired tan she cat with black and tan stripes, back, and tail and warm green eyes.

Queens: Snowstorm- White she-cat with black ears and face and tan belly and head with icy blue eyes.

Mate: Spottedlimb

Apprentices: Honeypaw- Small tan she-cat with a black back and white belly with steel blue eyes.

Redpaw- Long-haired white tom with red-brown tail and ears and yellow eyes.

Elders: Honeytail- Grey she-cat with white belly and fluffy black tail with dark green eyes.


Leader: Shadestar- Brown tom with orange belly and yellow eyes.

Deputy: Owlfeather- Fluffy black tom with chubby face and orange splotches with large tan eyes.

Medicine Cat: Leantail- Thin silver she-cat with gray tail and cerulean blue eyes.

Warriors: Ravenflight- Fluffy black she-cat with orange eyes.

Whitegrain- White tom with gray legs, tan back, black tail, paws, ears, and leg stripes with gray eyes.

Tigerheart- Tan tabby tom with black stripes and white underbelly with olive green eyes.

Apprentice: Hailpaw

Desertstorm- Tan and black tortoiseshell she cat with light yellow eyes.

Apprentice: Goldpaw

Apprentices: Hailpaw- Silver tom with dark brown Bengal markings and steel blue eyes.

Goldpaw- Pale orange she-cat with orange back and hazel eyes.

Elders: Morningsun- Orange she-cat with orange eyes. Retired Medicine Cat.


Leader: Ironstar- Gray tabby tom with black pattern, short bob tail, and yellow eyes.

Deputy: Sunfoot- White tortoiseshell she-cat with brown and tan pattern and yellow eyes.

Medicine Cat: Silvertrail- Silver spotted tabby she-cat with black pattern and green eyes.

Warriors: Crystalflower- Pure white long-haired she-cat with large ears, fluffy tail, and blue eyes.

Echoflower- Light gray tabby she-cat with black pattern and white underbelly with yellow eyes.

Apprentice: Strongpaw

Heatherwind- Gray-brown she-cat with black stripes on arms and tail with soft green eyes.

Tanwave- Tan tabby tom with black pattern and dark green eyes.

Apprentice: Stormpaw

Queens: Riverdancer- Tan she-cat with gray head, tail, paws and underbelly with icy blue eyes.

Mate: Ironstar

Apprentices: Stormpaw- Black tortoiseshell flame tom with tan pattern, white paws, and yellow eyes.

Strongpaw- Terra Cotta spotted tabby tom with black patter and brown eyes.

Elders: Soddenmoss- White spotted tabby she-cat with brown pattern and eyes. Retired Medicine Cat.

Kittypets and Loners

Flint- Fluffy brown she-cat with white paws and green eyes.


Booties- Black she-cat with white paws and underbelly with brown eyes.


Kip- Short-haired brown tom with yellow eyes.