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Written by Bunny

Chapter 2

Rootkit pinned Eaglekit to the ground. "Really?" She asked excitedly.

While she was distractedm Eaglekit flattened her into the dirt. "Let's go then!" They ran towards the exit, only to slam into their mother's leg.

"I don't think so," Mistyleg warned. "Line up for grooming."

Rootkit and Eaglekit sighed, while Snowkit stood to be groomed. Mistyleg vigorously smoothed the three kits' fur, making them extra-shiny.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather under the Tallpine for a Clan meeting!" The familiar yowl sounded from outside the nursery, and Snowkit felt as if she was going to melt. "Come on you mouse-brains!" She yowled teasingly, stumbling out of the den. She, Rootkit, and Eaglekit streaked over to the Tallpine, too excited to look normal. Mistyleg and Frostfoot followed behind them, slowly.

As the Clan gathered, Snowkit looked up at Fernstar. She waited patiently for the spotted she-cat to start the ceremonies. 'It's time,' she thought. 'Soon, I will be an apprentice!' Her tail swished back and forth in excitement.

"Now, as you all know, we have three kits that have reached six moons," Fernstar started. "Rootkit," The white and black kit scrambled to her feet and took a step foward. "From this day on, you shall be known as Rootpaw. Smokelimb," she looked toward the burly gray tom at that moment. "As my deputy, I trust you completely. I know you are a great mentor, and you shall be a great one to Rootpaw."

Smokelimb padded up to his new apprentice. As he bent down, Rootpaw stretched up to touch noses with him. The Clan then started chanting her new name, as tradition. "Rootpaw! Rootpaw!" The two cats then sat down.

Fernstar motioned for Eaglekit to step foward. "Eaglekit, from this day until your warrior ceremony, you shall be known as Eaglepaw." The white and brown apprentice puffed out his chest fur in pride.

"Voletooth, you are a great warrior, and I believe you are the best choice when I saw that you shall be Eaglepaw's mentor."

Rootpaw was the first to start chanting her brother's name. During this, he touched noses with his mentor and then sat next to his sister.

"Snowkit," Fernstar started. Snowkit's heart began to race as she padded foward. "From this day on you shall be known as Snowpaw."

The newly named Snowpaw smiled and looked over her shoulder to her littermates, who were about to burst with excitement.

"I myself will be mentoring Snowpaw," Fernstar announced.

'The leader!' Snowpaw thought excitedly. Her new mentor jumped down from the branch of the Tallpine to touch noses with the cream apprentice. As they did so, Rootpaw and Eaglepaw were chanting her new name the loudest. "Snowpaw! Snowpaw! Snowpaw!"

As the Clan started to disband, Snowpaw raced over to the other apprentices. "The leader!" Rootpaw gasped in excitement. "That's so cool!"

Snowpaw blushed. "Well, you got the deputy!"

"Yeah, and I got a warrior. I'm so amazing," Eaglepaw laughed sarcastically.

Snowpaw nodded. "Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm so tired I could sleep for another six moons!"

The two other apprentices nodded, and the three padded back to their new den, the apprentice den, to get some sleep.