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The Things We Remember

Hello I'm Alicia Spinnet and this is my story. I'm currently 16 years old and attending Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

I am best friends with Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell, Lee Jordan, and last but not least Fred and George Weasley .And we are the biggest trouble makers In Hogwarts. Which is a good thing sometimes…. (Yule ball there 6th year Harry's 4th) A/F, A/G, K/L

(Alicia's POV)

Smitten With You

"Hey Leesh what's up" asked George

"Nothing" I replied

"So are you going to the Yule Ball with anybody yet." he asked .

"No are you "I answered

"Nah not yet" he replied.

There was silence was throughout the common room and then

I said "Well if it comes down to crunch time and we both don't have dates well I guess we could go together Mr. Weasley" I suggested casually

"I'd like that very much Miss Spinnet"he replied and smiled at me not the mischievous smile he usually had on but a genuine smile and I smiled back. Although it is unlikely that that will happen because George probably has about a half of that female population at Hogwarts falling at his feet begging him to go to the ball with them I thought to myself.

In the Girls Dorm

"Oh my gosh Alicia you are totally smitten with George and by the look of things he's smitten with you to" gushed Angelina after I told her everything.

"I am not smitten" I argued.

"Oh yes you are said Katie who practically lived in our dorm.

"I am not smitten we've been friends since we were like I don't know like 5 or something" I fought back.

"The best couples start out friends" said Angelina teaseling.

"You would know" I grumbled angrily.

"Oh come on Alicia its ok if you like him actually I think that you two make a good couple" Katie exclaimed

"Only one problem with that" I replied

".What's that?" asked Angelina

"I do not like him at least not in that way" I finished with a cheeky smile.

"Ok fine I don't have enough energy to fight with you about this anymore" said Angelina and Katie agreed.

"Well we better turn in said Angelina."

"Yea I should to get back to my dorm room before anyone realizes I'm missing" Katie said.

"Yea" I agreed and said goodbye to Katie

When Katie left me and Angelina talked for a little while (don't worry I teased her about liking Fred) and then we went to bed.