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SPOILERS for series four, Miller's Crossing.

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Rules of Attraction

"So Teyla, you think me and Sheppard are about the same looks-wise, right?"

John started to choke on the apple juice he was drinking – his face turned bright red as he fought to keep his mouth shut, determined not to spray the table with juice.

He looked across the table at Teyla, who was looking at him with concern. He waved his hand casually and managed to swallow the juice down. He glared at Rodney.

"I do not understand," said Teyla after a moment.

John deepened his glare, hoping against hope that Rodney wouldn't go there. No such luck.

"Who do you find more attractive, me or Sheppard?" Asked Rodney.

Teyla's eyebrows shot up and she glanced at John. He shrugged back, embarrassed beyond belief but at the same time a little curious.

Teyla looked back at Rodney, a faint rose tint to her cheeks. "I – I really could not say," she said primly.

Her eyes flickered back to John, and he smirked slightly.

"See!" Said Rodney triumphantly, turning to John.

John rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah," he said. "We have the exact same level of hotness. I concede."

Rodney seemed to completely miss the sarcastic tone of John's answer – or just ignore it – as his triumphant smile was still in place as he stood up, empty tray in hand.

"Okay then, I'll see you later," he said. He nodded to Teyla and patted John on the shoulder as he walked past him. John smiled slightly at the gesture and watched him walk away. It had been a trying couple of days, and he'd had to make decisions that he wasn't entirely proud of.

But they were the right ones, of that he was sure.

He looked back at Teyla, who was also watching Rodney go. She was smiling a small amused smile.

He grinned as she turned back to him. "So, who do you find more attractive?" He asked cheekily.

Teyla rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair, her smile widening. "You are wrong to ask me such things," she said.

John's grin widened. "Chicken."

Teyla's jaw dropped slightly, but the smile was soon back. "Alright then, who do you find more attractive – myself or Colonel Carter?"

"You," answered John immediately.

Teyla's eyebrows shot up again, and John's eyes widened. Wow, that had come out quickly.

"I mean… it would be wrong for me to find Sam attractive," he said, trying to sound and look entirely casual. "What with her being my commanding officer and all."

Teyla smiled her amused smile again. "It could be argued that the same rule applies to the two of us," she said.

John nodded slowly, starting to grin again. "So Rodney it is then?" He asked.

Teyla cocked her head to one side, still smiling. "Most definitely," she said.

The End