MaixDuke, for Compy's contest yet again.

Compy, I do believe I have a new pairing to like.

Rain, rain,
Go away
Come again another day...

A giggled.

An answering laugh.

Two small hands, holding each other tightly.

She skipped alongside him, the brave prince to her pretty princess, disliking the rain that poured down around them.

She didn't have a pony, and he didn't have a sword, but that didn't matter really. What mattered was he was here, with her. The prince protecting the princess with all he had.

She splashed through puddles, never letting go of Duke's hand, as he tugged her along, intent on getting away from the fire staining the sky a bloody orange.

This was her fairytale, and he was the prince saving the princess from the evil.

Mai didn't know who'd set the fire or why, and she certainly didn't care about the rain anymore.

And it never rained in fairytales anyway.

Rain, rain,
Go away,
Come again another day...