Ok for those who like my other stories don't worry I'm still righting them. But I was struck by this idea in the car. Please review and you can flame. See you soon.



The car speed down the expressway, swerving through traffic, as drivers marked there horns in annoyance.

The driver could see the headlights getting closer in the rearview mirror. Her breath started getting raged. When the driver looked in the mirror to see the position of the car lights she was shocked to see what the past week had done to her. Her face was pail and waxy, her normally bright green eyes were dull and sunken, below her eyes were dark purple shadow, and her strawberry blond hair was plastered down on to her crown with grease.

The car was still chasing her but there was no traffic now so it was easer to maneuver, for both her and the car. She turned to look in the mirror again to see how close the other sets of lights were. Less than 1/5th of a mile. When her eyes tuned back to the rode they widened in fright as she almost flew off the road into a dark and haunting forest. Great she said under her breath looking back again now less than 1/3rd of a mile. Sleep was starting to get to great to ignore as her eyes started to droop. They closed for a moment only to be awaken by a furious growl, as an impossibly enormous wolf jumped in front of her car, its reddish fur gleaming in the moon light. She cringed and weighted for the impact.