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He had grace that she, how much she would work at it, could never get. He had pride in himself while her confidence slowly diminished to a tiny spark that would only ignite when she was triggered to do so. He was the number one rookie in his year, but she was average.

He would always be a step ahead while she was at the bottom.

"FLOWER OF YOUTH! WHAT IS…Tenten? Are you okay? No wait! Don't cry! I'm sorry if I did anything!"

How could he ever notice her? All this time, she's been in his shadow. Always behind him, never in front. When he wins, she would lose. It was in no way the other way around.

"Don't cry—ON MY BEAUTIFUL SPANDEX! Hey, put that kunai down! It was a joke!"

How could he be so perfect? It wasn't fair! She would do anything, anything at all to have what he has! The eyes, the attitude, the brains, and the hair, for crying out loud! Why is he acting like it doesn't matter? Damn him!

"Tenten…wasn't that the kunai Neji gave you just an hour ago? Why did you throw it away?"

A damn kunai. That was all he ever gave her. A kunai. A katana would have been different, but a kunai? It's not like she's poor that she can't afford a kunai! What does he think of her? Isn't it enough that she trains with him everyday? Isn't it enough that he had already shattered her ego just by deflecting her weapons with a mere spin? Isn't it enough that she works herself till she drops dead on the ground just for him?

"You didn't look at the kunai, did you?"

"Why the hell would I look at the kunai?"

"Because Neji gave it to you. I know! I'll go over there and get it!"

She couldn't help but to smile at her friend's speed. She admired him. To him, it didn't matter if he couldn't do ninjutsu or genjutsu; he still worked at it.


"Uh…thanks, I guess."

"Look at it!"

"I'm looking, Lee."

"No, you stupid blossom! LOOK AT IT!"

Tenten blinked at him. Never, ever was there a stupid that spat out of his mouth. It must be important…

"The blade, Tenten! Not the point!"

She narrowed her eyes, but did what he said anyway.

"Okay, okay, now turn it until you see the sunlight…YOSH! READ THE YOUTHFUL CONTENTS!"

Tenten growled, but read it ," 'Tenten, place the finger ring on your left index finger and twirl it. After you spin it once, take it off.' What?"

Lee's eyes glared at her," JUST DO IT!"

Lee could be as scary as Gai when he chose to be.

She slipped the kunai on her left index finger and spun it once.

"Now, smart blossom of Konoha, take it off with grace."

Tenten mockingly smiled as she raised a pinky and, with a flip of her wrist, slid the kunai off. She peered at her finger. What was that? A ring made out of ink?

Who in this world would make a frigging ring out of a tatto—?

In tiny, curvy letters, the tattoo ring read: Property of Hyuuga Neji: Engaged.

She gaped.



Why that little pompous…



He was better in bed, too.

One note: I have no idea how a tattoo would be applied by a spin on the finger of a kunai, so don't ask.

I just thought that Neji wasn't the type to come up and directly ask Tenten with the whole 'one-knee' mess. In fact, he wouldn't ask her at all.

No matter. Admit it. We all love pompous pretties like Neji, even if they were better than us average (but sexy) ladies.

I should really go for a chapter story, shouldn't I?