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Chapter 1: What her eyes hold

She walked down the street, stretching her sore muscles.

" I swear that Professor Black can drag an hour lecture into three. Well, he is the best philosophy teacher in London, so I guess I shouldn't complain." She said, letting her long, onyx black hair out of the clip, the silk locks shining in the dying light.

Raven smiled as her muscles relaxed, her pace slowing as she walked the familiar path to her flat. She passed by and old pub, the sign squeaking as the light breeze pushed it. Men stumbled out of the pub, their clothing in disarray.

" Watch it Avery! I spent a lot of money on this robe." The man who was yelling at the Avery person was unaware that his brown hair had peanuts stuck to it.

Raven could hold back the chuckle that passed her pale lips, drawing the attention of the two drunk men. She quickly picked up her pace, not bothering to look back. She made it quickly to her flat, locking the door behind her.

" I love this city so much, but the night life is strange." She said with a small giggle.

Raven Callis was an odd woman. The twenty-year-old loved to stay indoors too much for a healthy young adult, or so her fellow students decided. But, Raven had never been a very social person. Her solitary life never worried her adoptive parents, so Raven never thought much on it.

Walking out onto the balcony, she smiled as the full moon illuminated her. Her green eyes shined in the light, giving her an Elvin glow, one that continued to fascinate her friend Ellie.

" I'm telling you darling, you have this aura around you that screams fairy princess."

" Ellie, your nutters."

Smiling, Raven went to turn when movement below her caught her eye. A tall figure was moving towards her building. As if sensing that they were being watched, the figure stopped and looked up, the wind blowing his hood off, revealing a man with shoulder length onyx black hair and black eyes that smiled at her.

Her heart clenched. She knew his face, from a picture her mother should her shortly before she passed away.

" Mom, you wanted to talk?" Raven said, walking into her mother's room.

The room seemed so empty ever since her father died. Edmund has finally succumbed to his heart, the disease stealing his liveliness.

Mara looked up at her entrance and smiled.

" Yes, my dear. Come sit."

Raven sat next to her, looking at the stuff spread over the bed spread. A paper caught her eye and she grabbed it, but what she read clenched her heart.

" I'm adopted?" She asked in a pained whisper.

Mara sighed and began to talk and by the end, Raven was holding the picture of her birth parents, the smile on her lips, hiding her tears.

" She was so beautiful. Why did she give me up?"

" It was the hardest thing Lily ever did, but she couldn't take care of you and she didn't want you to live a poor life just because she was selfish enough to keep you. She said she wanted to pick your family out because although she had to give you up, she wanted the absolute best. When Edmund told me that she had picked us, I nearly passed out. We had met you and I fell in love the minute I saw your green eyes. Lily told us there was no way for the father to take you because he was in a dangerous spot with his father and he didn't want to involve Lily or you. He met you of course and loved you, but agreed that you would be safer away from him. She told us that he broke right after the papers were finalized." Mara answered.

She continued on with her story, but when she explained exactly why her birth father couldn't take her, she almost didn't believe it.

" He's a wizard and he became involved with the Dark lord or what ever his name is because of his father? He didn't want me killed by this madman, so he gave me up, even though it broke his heart." She said in a pained whisper.

Raven spent the next few days thinking over what her mother told her, but when Mara died suddenly, the thoughts left her mind.

Now, staring down at the face of the man in a picture that was buried in her closet, she nearly passed out. He smirked up at her and then continued to walk towards her building. She raced to the door and bolted out, but right when she reached the stairs, he was there, a sad, but joyful look in his eyes.

" Raven?" He whispered, as if he was afraid she wasn't real.

Not trusting her voice she nodded, taking his form. He was tall, around six foot and had the same long black hair as her. She saw her chin on him and she nearly broke down.

' I actually did think of finding him after mum told me, but I forgot after she died. Now, it seems, I don't have to.' She thought as he moved closer.

" Care to come in?" She asked, her voice returning to semi-normal.

He nodded and followed her, closing the door behind him. He took in the flat with regard and was surprised by the shear amount of books the shelves and the huge kitchen.

' If I had any doubts about her being mine & Lily's, they're gone now.' He thought as he scanned the titles.

" Would you like something to drink?" He turned at her voice.

Her hair was in a clip now, brought out of her face, allowing her green eyes to shine.

" No, thank you anyway."

" Forgive me, but…Severus was it, yes that's it, what are you doing here?" She asked, sitting on one of the stools buy the island. Her hands her tucked into her pockets, but Severus could see her twitching fingers, a nervous habit of his own.

" Raven, you don't need to be so on edge, I'm not gonna hurt you." He said, walking up to her, cupping her cheek.

" There it is, that stubborn chin, good I was hoping that Lily didn't get all the facial features. My hair, chin, lips and cheekbones & her eyes, ears, nose and fingers. Just beautiful."

" I've never really thought so, but then again, who ever does?" Raven joked, smirking up at him.

" Ha, I win, you have my smirk."

Raising a brow had him smirking again. " There's another one. Ah, if only she was here to gloat over." His smirk faded a little.

" I don't even want to know. But, I have to ask, isn't it dangerous for you to be here?"

" No, because I was pleased to find out that dark moldy pants doesn't know about you. I'm glad because that meant I was successful with what I promised to do."

Raven froze and stared at him before she found herself wrapped around him, tears spilling with a force she hadn't even had at Mara's funeral. His arms came protectively around her and tightened. When she stopped, she tried to pull back, but his grip was tight.

" What was that for?" He whispered.

" Lily told mother and father everything and when mother told me what you did to protect me, it broke my heart. To give up your only child because of some madman, it would kill me." She whispered back into is chest.

" In a way it did, but I knew that if I had you, you would be a target for that madman, and there is no way I as ever going to risk a child's life. I loved you so much, but the risks outweighed that."

" And I'm not mad at you. I never was, in fact I understood so much why you did, that anger never reached my mind. In a way, I kinda knew I wasn't really their daughter. I barely had any distinguishing features and my personality was different from both of them."

Severus laughed and hugged her before releasing her, but she didn't move back this time. He looked down to see her eyes closed and her breathing slow. He smirked, gently picked her and placed her on the couch, countering a cover. He relaxed in a nearby chair, watching her sleep, glad that the evil of Voldemort did not grace her face.


She moaned as light hit her eyes, wondering why her shades were up. It was when she rolled and almost fell off the couch did she realized she was even on it.

" Wha?" She mumbled, but a delicious smell cut off her voice.

Swinging her legs over, she leaned forward and smiled when she saw Severus in the kitchen.

" What are you doing?" She asked groggily.

" Making breakfast."

" Well, whatever it is, it smells so good." She replied, moving to sit at the island, but the state of her clothes had her running for her room.

She reappeared fifteen minutes later, her hair smoother and drawn into a clip. She wore a pair of dark blue jeans and a shirt that had the statement ' Yes, you have the right to be stupid, but you're abusing the privilege' on it.

" You know, you could have told me that my clothes were wrinkled." Raven stated, half glaring at him while she poured a cup of tea.

" Ah but where's the fun in that?" He replied, smirking at her while he brought a plate of the divine smelling food.

One bite had her melting in her chair. " I have never tasted something so tasty." She whimpered, eating the rest with gusto.

Severus sat down and ate as well. When she cleared her throat, Raven smiled at him.

" Say, don't you have to be teaching?"

" Good gods, never on the weekend. I would end murdering them if that happened. Plus it's break, so I'm not due at Hogwarts for another three weeks." He answered.

She sputtered then started howling with laughter, falling onto the floor. Severus raised a brow at her in distain, but that only sent her further into laughter. She finally stopped, clutching her stomach in pain, tears stopping. He helped her up.

" Done now?"

She nodded and kissed his cheek before going back to her tea.

" What's that magical world like?"

He gave her an odd look before thinking. " Would you want to see it? It's closer then you would ever think."

" Yes, oh my gods, yes! I want to learn everything I possibly can. Do you think I still could?"

" Get you a wand and then all the books, and then yes, you could. We could go today, are you busy?" Severus answered, smiling at her childish grin.

" No plans, I never have any real plans on the weekends. I'm all yours, Sev." She responded, hugging him.

An hour later, she locked her door, not seeing the ward Severus put up. He lead her down the alley from last night and started walking in the direction of the pub. She followed silently, taking in her surroundings as they walked through the pub. Severus greeted the bartender and continued on. She nodded at him as well, but hurried after him, not wanting to get lost.

She found him in the back, standing in front of a brick wall, waiting for her. When she moved to his side, he pulled out his wand.

" Now I want you to imprint this image in your mind alright? I'm gonna show you the way to get into Diagon Alley, ok?" He asked.

Raven nodded and watched as he tapped a few bricks in a certain order. He finished and stood back and Raven watched in amazement as the brick moved back until they formed a doorway, where she could see hundreds of people walking about, all in the same style of clothes her birth father wore.

He took her arm and began walking slowly, allowing her to take in the sights around her. The finally reached a great white building that Sev said was a wizarding bank. He left her to sit on the steps, allowing her to take in the people. Several in fact stared at her with the oddest looks, but she put it up to her clothes.

" Wearing stuff like that is going to make you the center of attention, you know?" An slightly snobbish voice said behind her.

" You think? And here I thought they were admiring my lovely shirt." She responded, bending her neck back to see a young man with short, platinum blonde hair and icy gray eyes that were smirking & laughing at her.

" May I inquire as to your name?" He asked, moving to her side, letting her bring her neck.

" Well, only if you tell me yours." She replied, standing, dusting her jeans off.

He hesitated a moment before extending his hand and said

" Draco Malfoy."

She smiled and took his hand and answered

" Raven Snape." She sat back down and leaned back.

The look of shock ran through his eyes before his mask fell back into place.

" Your pulling my leg, you have to be." The blonde whispered.

Before she could answer, Severus walked out, not showing that he even saw Draco.

" Comfy?" He asked, smirking down at her.

" Not very, took ya long enough." She answered, sticking her tongue out really quick before smirking.

" Prat." He whispered.

" But I'm your prat." She teased.

" Yes, my twenty year old prat of a daughter. Come on, I want to get this done so I have to more time."

" Uncle Sev?" Draco's voice called out.

Severus turned and smirked. " Later Draco. Give my regards to your father."

He walked away, Raven behind him, but she turned and flashed the blonde a grin.

" Bye Draco."

She ran to Sev's side and listened to him list off the books he was getting when a boy walked by, his face hidden partly his messy black hair, but it was his eyes that drew her, along with the dark marks that ran along his arms. She stopped and watched him walk away. Severus noticed her missing form and stopped.

" Raven?"

She turned and stared at him with wide eyes. " A boy that just walked past…he had the same eyes as me…and he looks like mum…" She trailed off.

He watched her before walking up to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

" I guess now's a good time as any." He whispered before walking them back to the pub.

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