Prologue: It always starts with one evil force

WTF is Travis doing with Gohan's Saiyan DNA? Don't worry, now that he has new powers, he's going to need them in this adventure. This story takes place in a time when Molly's mom was still alive, way before the crash and death of Molly's mom, Maya. Travis is sworn to protect Molly (or should I say Eva) and her mom. But when Travis fails to protect Maya from dying in that fatal crash, then he swears to himself that he will not let that happen to Molly if it's the last thing he ever does. Swearing by the Name of the Gaia Lord of the Ōban Universe's Earth, he is lent a great power to use in his family's sword, the Gaia Blade, since he no longer has any of his Gaionic DNA or powers left, except for the Eternal Youth gene, which is why he has never aged since the death of the third love of his life, Starfire, alien heroine of the Teen Titans Universe. To rewind through Travis's third adventure, Travis prevented the end of the world the second time from Trigon, but at the cost of Starfire's life, but not before she had given birth to their immortal quarter-Saiyan, quarter human, and half-Tamaranian son, Christopher "Redfire" Marksman. But, after the battle with Trigon, Starfire had died as the only casualty of the battle with the demon. But Travis had had his half-Saiyan DNA since he was in the Kim Possible Universe, when his Gaion DNA got changed into Gohan's half-Saiyan DNA, except for the Eternal Youth gene, and so he has the potential to go into Super Saiyan Rage if his new powers were to be pushed past their limits, which had happened twice, once with Dr. Drakken, who was killed by a big Spirit Bomb, and second with Trigon, which is how the demon was defeated a second time. Starfire made Travis promise her that he would teach their son they ways of the Saiyans and teach Christopher to use the only two powers that he was born with, Saiyan and Tamaranian, and use them for the good of mankind. Travis promised her that he would. Then she died, but after she told him that she would always love Travis for all eternity. Shortly before he left, he told the three remaining Teen Titans, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Trigon's daughter, Raven, to take care of his son for him until he found a place to settle down after his newly assigned mission for the MVA Agency. They agreed to babysit Redfire until Travis had settled down. Shortly before Travis left through the wormhole, Robin told him that it wasn't Trigon who had killed Starfire, but another evil force from the Universe that Travis was headed for, and that the force's omnipotent power was what had caused her to die in the middle of the second battle with Trigon. Travis thanked his friends and left the Teen Titans Universe for the Ōban Star-Racers Universe taking along with the star-racer built exactly like Molly's star-racer, which Travis called the Whizzing Arrow X. But Travis's Whizzing Arrow X has a special ability. If he is able to compete in a star-race, when he goes Super Saiyan, the steering handles of the Whizzing Arrow X can absorb some of his Ki Energy, manipulate it, and use it as cannon blasts. And from what he had seen in the historical tapes of Ōban Star-Racers, Maya had died in a fatal crash that Spirit had supposedly caused, but Travis knew the real truth: Canaletto had caused the crash, not Spirit. And if Travis can be entered in the Great Race of Ōban as a second star-racer for the Earth Team, then he will be able to protect Eva "Molly" Wei from Canaletto, then he would be successful in fulfilling his second mission objective of protecting Eva, but he would have failed in protecting Maya, his first mission objective. But he had a third mission objective, which he did not know about, he only had a an uncertain idea about what his third mission objective could be, but he wasn't certain. He only cared about protecting Molly from meeting the same fate as her mother, then he would be successful. But he planned to talk to Jordan after he becomes the new Avatar. And he only foresaw one event in that encounter: Jordan was going to make Travis promise him to take care of molly for him, and show her the love that he would not be able to show her. And Travis was going to agree to that promise. And whatever happened after that, he, Travis, would always be there for Eva, for as long as they both live.

And so, Travis Jeremy Marksman the Third's fourth and final adventure begins...


Well, that was the prologue. It just recaps the events of what is to come in my upcoming Teen Titans story. I'm skipping ahead to the fourth story of Travis Marksman the Third's adventures. The following titles are currently in the works (in chronological order of Travis's adventures: Adventure #1: The Golden Sun Adventure, Adventure #2: The Kim Possible Adventure, Adventure #3: The Teen Titans Adventure, and Adventure #4: The Ōban Star-Racers Adventure). I am currently working on the Oban Star-Racers Adventure. The first chapter is currently in the works. Chapter 1 is called A New Beginning. Meaning, Travis gets a new start in life. The minute he sees Eva as a 5-year-old, he automatically falls in love with her, and vows by the Name of the Gaia Lord of the Ōban Universe's Earth to be her lifelong protector, to be her Guardian Angel, and never let her suffer the same fate as her mother since he had watched the historical tapes and watched the episode when Spirit showed Eva what really happened to her mother while she was unconscious. You'll just have to wait and see when I upload the first chapter (I love leaving people in suspense). Well, hope y'all like it.