Chapter I: A New Beginning

Travis Jeremy Marksman the Third, the genetically altered Gaion-turned-half-Saiyan, arrived in the Ōban Star-Racers Universe after fifteen minutes of wormhole travel. He landed on the ground with a hard thump.

"Owww!" Travis said, clutching his back. "I guess I'll never get used to the pain of landing after exiting a wormhole." When Travis sat up and looked around, he saw he was three miles outside of a city. But when he looked through his binoculars, he saw that the nearest building from where he was was Wei Racing. And when he looked to his left, he saw that his Whizzing Arrow Xtreme was there. He guessed that the wormhole was big enough to transport his star-racer. He climbed aboard and started it with his rocket seat attachment, just like Eva's Whizzing Arrow III when she became the new star-racer pilot for the Earth Team. But the Whizzing Arrow Xtreme had an improved model of Stan and Koji's clustered turbine hyperdrive. After he started up the engine, he hit the gas and sped forward towards Wei Racing.

About five minutes later, he arrived at the mechanic's hangar at Wei Racing. He landed his star-racer and deactivated the engine. When he jumped out and landed softly due to the Buku-jutsu, or Flight Technique, he looked around for someone to ask to point him to where Don Wei was. When one of Don Wei's mechanics was passing by him, he stopped the mechanic and asked where he could find Don Wei. The mechanic said that Don Wei was on the third floor of the main building, in the Racer Monitoring Room monitoring his wife, Maya's, race. Travis thanked the mechanic and told him to watch his Whizzing Arrow Xtreme for him. He then walked out of the mechanic hangar and walked towards the biggest building in the complex. When he got inside, he walked into one of the elevators and pressed the third-floor button. When the doors for the elevator closed, Travis was shocked when he saw his reflection.

His reflection showed him that he had regressed back to that of a seven-year-old, but he was five feet tall for his regressed age. And his DNA hadn't changed back to his original DNA, for he still had his Saiyan's tail, which he could see twitching every so often, plus, he still had his muscular build from before he left the Teen Titans Universe. That's when he heard the ding of the elevator arriving at the destination floor. When the doors open, he walks out, looking for the Racer Monitoring Room. After going down the hallway for about fifty feet, he finds the RMR. He then opens the door and walked in. about two dozen people were at dozen other computers, monitoring the races of various star-racers. When Travis looked around, he spotted Don Wei at one of the terminals behind the occupant of the terminal, all while standing next to his daughter, Eva, who, from what Travis could sense, was two years younger than him. He was staring at her for what seemed like five minutes. Then he shook his head free and walked up to Don Wei.

Travis cleared his throat, saying, "Mr. Wei?"

Don turned to him, seeing Travis standing there as if waiting for him.

"Can I help you, young man?" don said in a somewhat friendly tone of voice.

"My name is Travis Jeremy Marksman the Third." Travis said to Don Wei, bowing to him respectfully. "I'm here on a mission from the Multiverse Authority. I have some information concerning your wife, Maya, that you need to see."

When Don Wei heard that, he had a dumbfounded look on his face, not believing what he had just heard. But he shook his head free of his surprise and turned to the worker he had been standing behind and asked her to watch Eva. When she agreed, Don told Travis to follow him. They went back to the elevator and Don Wei pressed the button for the top floor. So Don Wei wouldn't suspect him, Travis concealed his tail and wrapped around his waist, an old Saiyan trick for passing their tail off as a belt. When the elevator doors opened after it jolted to a stop, Don Wei motioned for Travis to follow him, which Travis did. When Don sat down at his desk, he signaled to the chair in front of his desk, signaling for Travis to sit down. When he sat down, Don folded his hands and leaned forward towards Travis.

"All right, young man, I want to know what information you have that concerns my wife, Maya." Don said, not wasting any time.

Jeez, this guy cuts right to the chase. Travis said in his head.

Travis cleared his throat and pulled out a folder from his jacket. When he opened it, he pulled out about five photos and lines them up in front of Don Wei. He then begins to point to each one.

"These photos were taken at a later time from now, when something bad will happen to Maya." Travis started his presentation. "Maya will be killed in a crash during an interstellar racing tournament with an alien named Spirit. However, when the spectators, including yourself and your daughter, Eva, it wasn't caused by Spirit. An evil force that is locked away on another planet will be the cause of Maya's crash. But, at this time, I am not allowed to discuss what the evil force is, for I'm under strict orders to not disclose that information to you."

"But you have to tell me!" Don said harshly. "If you can't tell me, can you at least tell me what I can do to stop her death?"

"There may be a way..." Travis started to say. "If you don't allow her to participate in the interstellar race, then she may possibly be saved." Then Travis looked down in thought as he saw in his cerebral heads-up display that he was receiving a call from the MVA. He turned back to Don Wei and said, "Excuse me for a minute, Mr. Wei." Then Travis got up and went to the end of Don's office that was closest to the elevator. When Travis thought-clicked the 'accept call' command, he saw the HUD image of his commander in the MVA, Director John Michael.

"Yes, sir?" Travis said in way of greeting his superior.

"Agent, Marksman, I suggest that you use one of your old Gaion spells and make it erase Don Wei's memory as soon as you leave the Wei Racing complex." John Michael said. "We've received disturbing news that Earth was never picked for the Great Race of Ōban, because Don had saved his wife by preventing her from entering the interstellar star-racing tournament. And if the Earth Team is never picked, then Canaletto will become the Avatar again, and destroy the Ōban Star-Racers Universe. We've already confirmed the existence of this alternate dimension. You have to use your Memory Erase spell and set it for erasing Don Wei's memory once you leaving the Wei Racing complex."

"Understood, sir." Travis said in acknowledgment. "Agent Marksman out." Then Travis walked back to Don Wei's desk and silently casts the spell.

"That's all the information I can give you, Mr. Wei." Travis said after a few moments silence. "I was just ordered by my commanding officer that I cannot disclose anymore information to you. I just hope that, when the times comes, you'll do the right thing when you see your daughter again." Then Travis starts walking towards the elevator, and when he gets to the elevator, he turns back to Don Wei, saying, "As soon as I leave this company, after I leave out of the gates, you will have no memory of this conversation, and you will have no memory of me ever being here to talk to you. Like I said, when the time comes, I hope you'll do the right thing when you see your daughter, Eva, again." Then Travis enters the elevator and presses the button for the ground floor. After he gets there, he goes back to the mechanic hangar and gets into his Whizzing Arrow Xtreme. After he started up the engine, he slowly pulls out of the hangar and out of the gates to the Wei Racing complex. After he gets on the road, Travis rockets off towards New York City, where the Director of the MVA arranged a condominium for him to live in until the time he is to become a part of the Earth Team. As soon as he left the city limits of the city, he could sense that Don Wei had lost all memory of him and his conversation with Travis. But he could sense in Eva's mind that she had not forgotten about him. He smiled a loving smile. Even though he was technically way older than Eva, except in bodily age, he had fallen in love with the little girl. He vowed in the Name of the new Gaia Lord, his grandfather, Andronius Prime, that he would protect Eva at all costs from Canaletto. He swore that he would be Eva's life-long protector and her Guardian Angel, even if it costs him his, Travis's, life. Until the day he becomes a part of the Earth Team, he would wait in New York City.