So i just finished reading this raven story called from fights to passion and it was everythign i was thinking of for a lita/John story ive been thinking about. I really wanted to write a john lita story and i was goign to wait till i was done my other storys but it snowed and and the power went so the laptop called me. One shot for now but if i get some reiews ill turn it into a story so let me know. i have some ideas.

He slammed the door as he followed me into the women's locker room. "What Cena what?" I spat at him throwing my arms up in the air. "What do you want from me?"

"What the fuck was that Lita? You just fucked up my match with Edge again!" John said screaming at me. I was hoping that nobody could hear his yelling that last thing I needed was Edge getting wind of this.

"I know that's my job." I said sitting down crossing my legs. I was serious to it was my job helping him win was what I had to do to get my pay check.

"What kind of weird hold does he have over you?" He asked me.

If only he knew.

"Cena your not suppose to be in here this is the women's locker room and don't think you fit the requirements to change in here. What if someone walks in?" I needed to change the subject. "You need to leave NOW!

"No listen to me." He said pulling me out of the chair by the wrists. "I'm not going to put up with this. I'm sick of all this shit I wont stand for you costing me matches. Your just lucky you haven't cost me my title."

"Oh ya?" I said getting in his face.

"Ya quit interfering. If you don't I'll make you regret it." He said getting right back in my face.

"What are you going to do about it? You going to hit me John? Going to hit a woman? Well hit me John hit me!" I couldn't help but suddenly realise how close our faces were and the heat radiating between us.

"No this." He said pushing his lips to mine harshly. I couldn't fight it I was so attracted to him. The angrier he got the hotter I was getting. The way we fought, the fire between is was so much more then rage and he knew it to.

He laid me back on the bench brushing my red hair out my face before kissing me again.

"John." I moaned as he sucked my neck.

I reached for his pants and unzipped them quickly letting them fall around his knees. I could see the tightness in his shorts. I ripped his shirt of his toned body I couldn't help but star at his rock hard body. He reached out and grabbed my face kissing me violently with urgency and need.

"Your over dressed." He said huskily. He began to undo my jeans as I pulled of my own top. He lowered his face down between my legs and removed my panties with his teeth.

"Mmmm." I moaned running my hands threw his crew cut.

"Do you want me?" He asked.

"I want you." I couldn't hide the lust in my voice. I reached out and pulled down his boxers. "Now."

He unclasped my bra and let my breasts free. He started to suck on one of them lightly. I couldn't help but moan again rubbing between his legs with one hand using the other to run through his hair again. I took it into my hands and guided him towards my entering. He entered me in one hard thrust I cried out in pleasure and pain. The room was filled with my whimpers in the sheer pleasure I was feeling having the champ inside me. My back started to hurt from the wooden bench beneath me as he pounded into me harder. He continued to slam into me until I thought I couldn't take it anymore.

"John oh god I'm going to…"

"Me to" he said finishing my thought.

I only realised where we were when he got up and threw back on his pants and jersey. I retrieved my clothes and headed for the women's showers.

"Later Red." He said as he started to leave, you could tell he didn't really know what to say I helped him by walking up to him and kissing him. He wrapped his arm around my waist pulling my still naked body closer to him.

"Bye." I said walking back toward the showers. The hatred I felt for John Cena had turned into some of the best sex of my life.

But what's next?