Chapter One

"Alright, now to the next question. 'Tell each other about your family," the young man in the faded jeans and leather jacket asked, reading the slip of paper he had just drawn from the bowl that lay between him and his current "date."

"Oh, okay. Well first off, I come from a blended family…," the brunette girl in the maroon dress and denim jacket answered casually.

"Oh you do?" he asked, "Well I do too!"

"Really? You know, it isn't every day you meet someone else from a blended family."

"No, no it isn't. Well, why don't you tell me about being in a blended family?"

"Well…it used to be my mother, my sister, and me. We were such a happy little family and that was alright with me but then my mom got remarried my sophomore year and that's when everything changed. I guess you could say some things were lost and others were gained. I got a new school and a new house. There were so many changes that it made my head spin. I also got two stepbrothers and a stepsister. One of my stepbrothers always knew just how to get under my skin. But then my mom and my step dad started fighting…a lot and eventually got divorced. My sister and I tried to keep in touch with our stepbrothers and stepsister but ultimately we lost contact with them. It was unfortunate because, well as much I would never tell any of them this, I had grown to love them and it was very hard not having them in my life. It isvery hard not having them in my life."

"That's like my story," the young man said, almost eagerly, "Except my dad remarried and I got two new stepsisters. One of them was pretty cool. She played hockey, and soccer, and even tae kwon do!"

"Really? My sister was into that whole athletic thing too. I was never much into it."

"Neither was my other stepsister. She was the polar opposite of anything athletic. Well, except for the fact that she liked to dance. You said your stepbrother got under your skin? Well she got under mine. Nothing was ever good enough for her – including me. She spent her whole high school life with her nose buried within one of her stupid books."

"Sounds like me in high school," the young woman smiled shly.

"Really? Well my step sister was always so annoying. She drove me crazy."

"Same with my stepbrother. There wasn't a moment when we weren't fighting."

"Same here," the handsome young man nodded, "I do miss my stepsisters though. I don't know where they are or what they are doing. I hope one of them went on to become a writer. She was always really good at it. I also hope the other went on to become an athlete. She would have been really great."

"We have only a few seconds left before the buzzer sounds," the young woman said, glancing at the buzzer that separated her from her "date."

"Oh. Well we have just enough time for one more question."

"Alright," she stuck her hand into the bowl and pulled out a folded up sheet of paper, "It says we have to exchange phone numbers."

"Okay," he pulled out a gas station receipt from his back pocket and ripped it in half. She wrote her number on one half and gave it to him and he wrote his number on the other half and gave it to her.

"You know," the young man said, slipping the paper into his pocket, "I had a nice time talking with you."

"I had a nice time talking with you too," the young woman smiled at him right as the buzzer sounded.

"Wait!" he grabbed her jacket sleeve as she picked up her purse and was about to move on to the next "date."

"What?" she demanded, a little annoyed by his gesture.

"You didn't tell me your name."

"I don't believe that was one of our questions," the young woman slyly smirked and walked off to the next table, the next "date."