The life and Times of Raven- a Teen Titan- As told by Beast Boy- her fellow team mate.

So you want me to tell you about Raven, eh? Well, don't expect a lot because, well, I don't know much about her myself. Maybe if she talked more and got her nose out of those weird books of hers, maybe we all could no more about her. But every time we ask her to come out and play stank ball with us she's all like "I have to meditate" or "I'm not into those silly little games." I mean really, who would want to read a book on dark bloody castles when you can play with a pile of my sweaty socks?But I know Raven has her reasons. I mean, wouldn't you want to make sure your emotions were in check if that's what brought down the entire world? And, also having a father like hers, dude, I would have wished I had never been born. It's amazing she didn't turn out to be the devils incarnate.

When I first met Raven, I thought she was a freak,(even though I shouldn't say anything; I'm green for sugar's sake)She has amethyst colored hair and eyes, very pale skin, and wears a black leotard with a blue cloak around her shoulders. She would be as cold as ice and not show any emotion, her voice always in a monotone. That was when I took it as my sacred job to get her to smile (which has only happened a very few times).

She doesn't really stand out much when she's right next to Starfire, one of our other teammates who has guys crowd around her 24/7. But there are other times when raven is the most noticeable. Like when ever one of our friends gets taken hostage and we need someone to help us keep a level head, but then, some times not. Another time is when I'm telling my jokes and no one wants to hear them but I tell them anyway, she goes and makes a joke out of my joke and gets everyone to laugh.

If you were to look at Raven from the outside, you would think she was extremely arrogant and stuck up; she makes my tofu explode, blows up light bulbs, gives me wedgies, and causes the end of the world. But really, all that is a way to protect herself…I think. We all know she cares for us, which was made perfectly clear when she defeated her father to save our lives. But sometimes she needs us, just as much as we need her. Like that one time when that guy Malchior lied to her and used her to get out of that spell she needed someone to tell her that she wasn't alone even though she was kinda creepy. And the other time when she had a mission to take care of some super kids she didn't want to do it at first but after a while, I think they kinda grew on her. She's…what's that word…oh yeah, an introvert. Only mildly though.

If you were to ask me what I was to compare her to, I would have to say an unsolved puzzle. She's this huge puzzle with 1,000 pieces that need to be put together soon before the fitted pieces blow away by the wind known as change. But, dude, it's so hard to find those missing ones.