As soon as Maureen got home, she drew up a bath and immersed her whole body in to soak. She usually took this time to mull over her thoughts. She wondered if that new girl knows how to speak English, if she has a boyfriend...or girlfriend. Maureen laughed to herself at that. Ever since she discovered she also liked her own sex, she has been imagining herself with other girls more and more now. It all started this past summer when she joined a Performing Arts center for three weeks to better hone her skills in acting. It was out of town, so she obviously jumped at the chance to be away from her parents. Let's just say...they don't get along very well.

Maureen stood amongst the many girls and boys who joined this summer camp to look at the casting lists in the lobby of the center. They were given roles by the staff of the performing arts center to different musicals or plays on their first day. After a few days, then they may audition for any musical/play they desire. She unfortunately got a part in Sondheim's musical called Company. It's not that Maureen doesn't enjoy Mr.Sondheim's musicals, she just wanted to play the lead in Cabaret this time since last year she never got a chance, and she knew that last year her audition was superb. Oh well, she loves performing, whether it's as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, or now as Joanne in Sondheim's "Company."

At least she got the lead so she's not complaining. A few days later she was still trying to memorize her lines and the song lyrics with her fellow "co-stars" in the auditorium. Usually, a person would find Maureen mingling and socializing with just about everyone, but when it came to performing and memorizing her lines, her whole focus was on the script and she likes to do it alone. Another girl was watching her from afar, it struck her as odd that Maureen was all by herself in the back of the auditorium when she's the social butterfly of the group. So, she decided to investigate.

"Hi. How come your all alone all the way back here?"

"What? You think Maureen Johnson can't handle being alone?" She added with dramatic flair.

"Sure, it just seems...unusual coming from you."

"And what do you expect from me?"

"Being all bubbly and bursting with life."

Now it was odd that Maureen should blush but this time she did, with pink rosy cheeks galore. She was flattered really that someone would describe her that way. Sure, Mark called her many things, often to the point of exagerration as if she were some sort of goddess. And even she has to humble herself down sometimes and not compare herself to the gods and goddesses.


"Don't mention it." She lifted Maureen's chin to look her in the eye since she shouldn't blush because she stated the truth.

"My name is Justine." Justine took out her hand to formerly introduce herself to Maureen.

"Hi, Justine. Nice to meet you," replied Maureen, shaking her hand in return.

"So, want some help memorizing those lines?"

Maureen's only response was a smile. From then on, they were always seen together rehearsing their lines, laughing and fooling around with their other friends. They even shared some secrets and gossip together. When the day finally came to perform, Maureen gave her best performance yet. Some people in the audience even rose from their seat while she sang the part "Rise!" from the song "The Ladies Who Lunch."

That night, they had a cast party for everyone and everyone was having a blast. The joy mixed with the elation of tonight's performance along with some of Madonna's songs was just right for a party like this to go crazier than usual. Maureen started a conga line, followed by some table dancing. Some guys even snuck in alcohol into the punch. And apparently, Justine had a bit too much to drink.

"Hey there, Mo. Having fun?"

"Please don't call me that. I hate that name!"

"Okay...Mo. Want me to get you some punch?"

"No thanks, seeing as how you've had enough for the two of us."

"Nonsense! I'm having the time of life. And if that means drinking, then so be it... Listen why don't we go upstairs and have a talk, just you and me."

Why would she want to talk me now? Oh well, it couldn't hurt.


Once they arrived to a room upstairs, Justine just sat there looking at Maureen for a long while until Maureen broke the awkward silence.

"I thought you wanted to talk."

"No, not really. Nothing important, anyway. I just wanted some alone time away from all those locos."


Justine got up and started to look around the room, being as nosy as usual.

"Uh...Justine? What are you doing?"


"What?", Maureen exclaimed.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." She ran for the bathroom door while Maureen chased after her.

"Oh! Justine, I told you!" As she kneeled down next to her, all she could do was hold her hair back and watch her puke. It was all she could do

to not throw up herself. Once Justine finished, she rinsed her mouth with some mouthwash she found.

"Come lay down here." Justine plopped herself in a random bean bag chair.


"No problem." Maureen just sat there next to her thinking of nothing in particular.



"In 3 days, were leaving for home.'


"Back to my hellhole."

Maureen sighed, "Yeah."

"Is that all you have to say, yeah? Knowing that we might not ever see each other again?"

"Don't talk like that. Of course we will...someday...somehow..." Maureen wished she could see her everyday. She was a whole lot of fun, Justine was. She was just as loud and rambunctious as she was. You know what they say: "great minds think alike." She really was going to miss her, even if the others didn't like her very much. She couldn't see why. Aside from her cynicism, in-your-face attitude, and meddling into other people's business, she was alright.

"Hey, Maureen!"

She woke up from her stupor. "Yeah?", Maureen replied.

"I'm gonna miss you, ya know," Justine muttered softly.

"Me too," Maureen sighed.

"No, I mean..I'm really gonna miss you."

Maureen furrowed her eyebrows and frowned. She couldn't see how, and if there's one thing she hates, is being out of the loop of things.

Justine leaned closer and closer, ever so slowly while Maureen could only stare in awe wondering what the hell she was doing. But it was too late for Maureen to move out of the way and she could only gasp when Justine kissed her. It was an innocent, chaste kiss that seemed like it lasted for a whole minute.

When it was over, she could only stare back. Justine however seemed delighted by the way her eyes sparkled.

"Wha-..? Why did yo-?"

"I just..had to before we leave."

They didn't talk about it in the days leading up to their departure. In fact, they barely talked after that. It was awkward, at least for Maureen and she was still trying to figure out the whys, hows, and what nots.

They finally said goodbye on their last day of camp. It was a meager attempt in trying to repatch what they used to have before the "incident." But Maureen left that day feeling more confused than she ever had before.

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