1. Head Lights

I couldn't remember why I was running. But my legs wouldn't let me stop. Soon it started to snow. The cold flakes stinging against my bare skin. Clouds of hot breath left my mouth as I gasped for air. There were some lights on the other side of the forest, I nearly tripped on tree roots trying to make a new path.

There was a thin road between divided woods and a ran over the cracked pavement.

The freezing rain had made the surface slippery and I fell forward, my elbows hitting ground hard. I slid about two meters to the center. My runners made a high skidding sound. For a moment I lay there. Catching my breath. My arms throbbed. My tears seemed to freeze on my cheeks.

Then, something shiny caught my eyes. It seemed to dance in the distance. Getting closer. Closer. Too fast.

My eyes opened as wide as dinner plates as I watched the head of a truck swerve towards me from the sloped hill a head. Pushing myself up from the ground, the grips of my shoes were useless and I fell flat on the ground again. I cried out and tried again. Only to have the same result. As I tried to claw myself over the ice to get away from the fast approaching truck, I realized I was crying and shouting to no one.

The glowing orbs of the head lights were only a few meters away. With a half hearted attempt to protect myself, I flung my bloody arms in front of me.

The breath was knocked out of me. I could hear my scream echoing into the night sky. But I was surprisingly warm. Very warm.

My head hit something hard, yet springy.

I lay there. Not moving. Maybe I was paralyzed. Maybe I was just slowly...painfully dieing. Funny how it didn't really seem to bother me as I thought of these options.

I screamed again as a face loomed over me. My lungs felt strained as I tried to gasped for more air to fill up my voice for a sharper scream.

A warm hand flitted over my face. To my forehead. Pressing so tenderly and carefully I hardly even felt it if not for the heat, to my jaw where he brushed my dark hair away from my wide open mouth, to my arms that were still throbbing painfully.

When he brushed over my cuts and bruises over my elbows I took a sharp intake of air and sobbed.

"You're going to be okay. You're going to be okay, just hang in there." His voice was soft, almost shy.

I whimpered.

Larger flakes of snow drifted and landed on my numb body. But the heat radiating off him seemed to quickly melt the snow and thaw my hollowed body. He wrapped his warm hands around me and lifted my up, close to him, with ease. As my bare skin touched him he cursed in shock.

Then he ran. I never knew any one who could run so, so fast. I would have started to seize with the cold wind pelting against us on normal occasions. But this stranger seemed to calm it down. Calm me down.

My eyelids start to droop in exhaustion. My whole body going limp.

"Hey, hey! We're almost in town. C'mon. Don't go to sleep! I-I don't even know your name!" He said hoarsely.

I could hear the panic in his voice. And the snap decision conversation to keep my brain from dieing.

It worked. I smiled slowly and moved my lips. No words I said were loud enough to be heard. So I cleared my throat noisily and started again.

"W-why do you want to know my n-name?"

My jaw hurt from my clenched teeth.

"Why? Why wouldn't I want to know a name of a beautiful girl?" He forced a sincere tone.

I giggled groggily.

"What ever...fine...it's Emma. What's your name?"

"Now why would you want to know my name for?" He chuckled.

"I would like to thank my hero." I grimaced at how lame that sounded.

"Embry Call."

I laughed. What a weird name.

"Oh shut up." He said defensively.

I nodded and closed my eyes. Making sure my frozen cheek was against his warm skin.

Skin? Then I noticed that he was half naked. Weird.

When I was silent for much too long he shook me.

"Hey! Hey! I didn't really mean that. Yeah my name is stupid...uh...I think my mom named me after a famous soap opera star. My friends make fun of me too! It's okay. Say something?" He pleaded.

"You talk too much. I'm going to sleep."

Then I drifted into the darkness.