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'SAG' and 'GAG'

Sara loved the silence. It was rare if and when she received some. But today, the silence was so loud she could hardly bear it. She and Gil had been sitting on the couch for over an hour, sipping hot chocolate and watching the fire burn. "You're middle name is Arthur."

Gil froze, averted his eyes to the brunette, and hesitantly replied with a "Yes."

"And My middle name is Anne."

"And you're getting at……?"

Sara took a few licks off of her candy cane, then continued, "Well, your initials already spell out 'GAG'. And mine spell out 'SAS'."

Gil gave Sara a look of utter confusion, "Look, if this is something I'm supposed to understand…..I don't."

"Oh you're so clueless sometimes, Gil." Sara rolled her eyes, "After we get married, my initials will spell out 'SAG'."

Gil paused, lifted his brows, frowned, and proceeded to burst out in laughter. His laughter died down after seeing Sara's facial expression. Complete seriousness. "What?"

"Why are you laughing? We're going to be teased about this if anyone finds out our initials, Gil."

Gil frowned. "Sara, if you want to keep your last name, you can."

"What? No!" Sara yelped.

"Then, what's the problem?" Gil asked.

She paused, "Nothing, I guess. It just sounds, well, different."

"Honey, I have had to live with 'GAG' my whole entire life. 'SAG' would have saved me years of being teased. And besides, different isn't that bad. "

Sara smiled, "You're right, it isn't that bad." She sat up straight, "I've wanted this for years. I'm not going to get all worked up over my initials."

He smiled and tilted his head for better access to her lips, "I'm glad." He pressed his mouth to hers, but not before laughing and repeating, "'SAG'".

SAG and GAG. What a pair they shall remain. Even if the Sassy Sara becomes Saggy.

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