These are just a bunch of random little one shot things that are supposed to be funny...but probably won't be. Anyway, I'm trying :) Hope you all like.

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Starfire laughed and clapped appreciatively as the commercial ended, still humming the catchy tune in her head. It began to escape her lips, starting out softly, but swelled to a volume that rivaled one of her Tamaranian folk songs. She added words as well, swaying her hips to the beat and trying not to ruin the song with her attempts to stifle her laughter. The Tower's Ops Center began to reverbrate with her tune, but amazingly enough, no one else in the Tower had heard.

The door to the Ops Center opened, and Cyborg stepped in, unaware of the alien princess's singing and dancing due to many years's practice of ignoring loud distractions. In truth, it had probably deafened him, though in all fairness, the half-robot was barely given any time to realize what was going on.

"Cyborg!" Starfire cried joyfully, flying over to grab his hand and pulling him in front of the T.V. Temporarily forgetting the words, she began humming loudly again, now dancing with the poor, confused metal man.

"Star--what--are--you--doing?" he gasped as she spun him in a circle.

The Tamaranian stopped instantly, waiting until he caught his breath to say, "Dancing!"


She cocked her head to the side. "Do you not wish for the frothy, orange liquid which the female Earthlings in scanty swimwear are singing of?" she inquired innocently. It took a minute for even Cyborg's half-mechanical mind to process that.

"Do I want a Fanta?" Starfire nodded. "Um...we kinda don't have any, Star."

"Worry not, friend!" Starfire declared. "I shall journey to the store of groceries and purchase a bottle!" She scrummaged through the couches to find a dollar or two, and left, still humming the song in her head.

While waiting for her return, Cyborg found that he was subconsciously singing it himself. "Don't you want a, want a Fanta?" Adding in the Robot for dance moves, he was sliding across the floor, mumbling to himself.

And then Beast Boy walked in...

Random, hence the title. I just couldn't get the song out of my head today, which is weird, because I haven't seen the commercial in years...