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"Do you ever wonder why your stingers are shaped like B's?" asked Kid Flash, though with his full mouth it sounded a lot more like, "Doof yuver wonmwhyur stigare shipdike bes?"

Bumblebee sighed, counting down the hours...minutes...and seconds...until Jinx and Kid Flash's little vacation to Titans East was over. "My name is Bumblebee, Speedy Gonzalez. It starts with a 'B'."

"Yeah, but actual bees don't have little tiny 'b's on their butts, they've got wicked pointy things. Those look a lot more scary, you know. Ever think about an upgrade?"

Jinx groaned. "I never knew sarcasm was as big on this side of the law, too. Aren't you guys supposed to talk about friendship and feelings and stuff?"

"Is that what you signed up for?" asked Speedy, looking disgusted.

"Well, no...but you guys are very un-stereotypical heroes, just letting you know."

"Right, well...most superheroes don't have a bedtime, either, but Mas and Menos are out cold," pointed out Aqualad. Then he added proudly, "Eight o'clock, on the dot. How's that for a pretty boy who has no parenting skills?"

Bumblebee rolled her eyes. "Very impressive. You got pictures of their embarrassing baby photos in your wallet, too?"

"No...but that can be arranged..."

Speedy stretched his bow out, trying desperately to hit the power button on the TV without getting off the couch. "They'd totally like that. Mmmm...gotcha! Who needs a stinkin' remote when you have...oh...that was the volume button...great, I have to exert myself all over again!"

"Thismf isss a goof sandvij..." muttered Kid Flash. Bumblebee winced as crumbs fell from his mouth on to her otherwise spotless floor. "You gof anymorme?"

"You gof any mannmers?" Jinx mocked. "Don't talk with your mouth full...sheesh..."

"Well," sniffed her boyfriend. "Someone's gotten a little cocky."

Speedy continued to stretch, but suddenly the screen bleeped to life, startling him. He fell off the couch and face-planted on the 'Used by Kid Flash' carpet. "Friends! It is so wonderful to see you again! How have you been? Oh! Jinx and Kid Flash, you are there as well? Wonderful! We--"


"I apologize, Robin. Truly, though, you had taken quite a long while to begin speaking. It is only fair that others receive a chance," the redheaded alien sniffed.

"What are they fighting about?" Bumblebee whispered to the three other Titans West members. Speedy sat up, shaking his head and groaning.

"Nothing," Cyborg whispered back while Robin and Starfire refused to back down from their (rather polite) bickering. "Some party Starfire wanted to have for Beast Boy. It's on a bank holiday or something, and Robin's getting all 'No! The bad guys are gonna blow up the freaking universe on that day, Star, didn't you know that? Bank holidays are just apocalypses waiting to happen!' It'll take him half an hour to give in, tops."

"We ifyded?" called Kid Flash.

"Ask Star, she's the one handing out invitations. And I'm not sure if you'd wanna come. It's a Tamaranian ceremony...which means Tamaranian food..."

Every listener turned (a different shade of, for some) green.

"I think it's beddy-bye time..." Speedy concluded, rubbing his head. He staggered out of the room, taking a good thirty seconds to find the right door handle from the fifty that were spinning around in front of his eyes.

"What have you been feeding the guy, Bee? He can't even walk straight! Any more drunken idiots walking around your Tower and I'll have to come there and cook something up for you," Cyborg teased. It was all very nudge-nudge-wink-wink, something Aqualad did not register at the moment.

"Can't see...so many Jinxes...need...Cyborg's...cooking!" he moaned. Bumblebee smacked him.

"My meals are just fine, you basshole!" she growled. Today was not one of her better days.

"How are you handling the bad luck control, Jinx?" Raven asked, tiring of the oh-so-intelligent conversation.

"Pretty good. The mantra you gave me really helped for--"

"Are you kidding me? You probably have more bad luck than ever, hanging out with this one," Bumblebee screeched as a huge glob of mayonnaise dropped onto the floor. "That's it! I don't care if you starve, you're not eating one more bit of food in this Tower, ya hear?" She pulled out her stingers, nearly breathing fire. Her petite frame seemed to enlarge to astronomical proportions. Kid Flash cowered.

"Don't hurt me. Please. I'll clean it up, I swear! I take back everything I said. I've never seen anything as wicked as those stingers look right now. Really!"

Ah...that wasn't one of my best...but I had to put that basshole thing somewhere...

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