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A crossover tale of Perfect Dark, Tomb Raider, and Metroid Fan Fiction

Part 1. Going Home

Agent Dark, Mission Log, Earth Time: Ten-twenty hours: Elvis has taken us and the Skedar ship we hijacked back to the Mayian home world. He says it must be dismantled so it's parts can be used to rebuild damaged sections of this planet. He has promised to take me back to earth as soon as the Mayian ship is "refueled". Personally, it makes me nervous being around so many aliens. But I suppose, on this planet, I'm the alien.

"Joanna, are you awake?"

Joanna woke to Elvis calling her name.

"I am now." She said, sitting up and swinging her legs to the floor.

"The ship is ready to leave if you are." Elvis' voice rang in her head.

Standing up, Joanna stretched and walked to the door. Ready? After dealing with aliens who either tell bad jokes all day or try to rip you limb from limb, she was looking forward to getting back to some good, old-fashioned, political espionage.

As she pushed the panel, the door to the pressurized chamber opened with a hiss of air and Joanna saw Elvis standing there at the end of a long, hard-plastic tube. As the Mayians had no mouths or respiratory systems they had no need for air. Their atmosphere was practically non-existent, except for a gas Elvis called mikrium. Fortunately for Jo, the Mayians were able to build a stable "air tube" that she could walk to the space ship in.

"C'mon, Jo, the ship's waiting." Elvis said.

As they walked through the tube, Joanna noticed the thick mist that was constantly changing colors outside.

"Elvis," she said, "I've been meaning to ask you. What is that colored mist I keep seeing?"

"That is the mikrium." Elvis replied, "Our sun's solar energies make the colors shift. Oh, I would love to be able to see colors as you do. When you only see in black and white, every movie looks like a classic."

"How long will the trip to Earth take?" Joanna asked.

"We'll be there before you can say 'Elvis has left the building'." Elvis replied.

The trip to Earth was indeed a short one. The longest part being when they had to slow down to navigate through Joanna's solar system.

"Will you be staying on Earth when we arrive?" Joanna asked, attempting to pass the time.

"Perhaps I will." Elvis replied, tapping a few keys on the control panel in front of him to adjust their heading, "It's funny. Now that the war with the Skedar is over for good, I don't know what to do with myself…maybe I'll start doing game shows."

"You might want to steer clear of that for right now." Joanna suggested, imagining the chaos that would ensue if it suddenly became evident that "aliens were among us", "At any rate- Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Elvis asked.

"That beeping."

"I don't hear anything."

Joanna followed the sound until she came to the center of the bridge.

"It's coming from underneath this panel." She said.

Looking to see which panel Jo was looking at, Elvis then pressed a few buttons on the control panel in front of him and the metal panel in front of Jo disappeared. Beneath it, among a mesh of wires, sat a palm-sized black box. An L.E.D. screen sat on the top, red symbols shifting and changing in sync with the beeping.

"Elvis." Joanna called, rather nervously.

The little alien quickly hopped down from his chair, puttered over to Joanna and looked down at the open panel.

"Please tell me that isn't what I think it is." Joanna said.

"Oh, no." Elvis exclaimed, "A Skedar bomb. How did that get in there?"

"That's what I was afraid of." Joanna mentioned, "How much time do we have?

"According to this screen, we have less than forty seconds before-"

"Spare me the joke and point me to the air lock." Joanna said, picking up the device.

She was surprised by the fact that it merely consisted of the black box, the mesh of wires merely being part of the Mayian ship.

"I'll light the way by the corridor lights." Elvis said, racing back to his chair.

Waisting no time, Joanna ran to the exit doors and quickly made her way down the lighted corridors. Reaching the airlock after about ten seconds, thanks to some misdirection from Elvis, Joanna shouted, "Elvis, open the air lock!"

"The controls aren't responding, Joanna." The little alien's voice sounded in her head, "You'll have to open the doors manually. There should be a lever on the wall."

Seeing the large switch, Joanna grabbed it and flipped it down. The heavy inner doors to the airlock quickly opened. Inside the airlock, an electronic control pad sat on the wall. Joanna ran over to it and tried desperately to activate it. Finding it unresponsive, she quickly placed the device on the floor, grabbed hold of the lever she had just pulled, pulled out the Phoenix gun Elvis had given her, and shot the control panel. Instantly, the doors opened and a vacuum rushed into the ship. The device was quickly sucked out along with Joanna's Phoenix as the determined young woman held onto the switch with both hands.

"Stupid piece of alien junk!" Elvis said slamming his hands down on the control panel.

The outer doors to the airlock quickly closed and Joanna suddenly found herself able to breath. Only moments later, the ship violently jerked forward, slamming Joanna's head against the wall, nearly knocking her unconscious. She could barely comprehend Elvis' words as his voice once again rang inside her jarred mind.

"You'd better grab onto something, Joanna." he said, "The shockwave from that explosion knocked us into the Earth's atmosphere. We're coming in too hot and I can't control her. I'll see if I can manage an emergency landing over-"

Before the loyal gray alien could finish, Joanna's mind gave up and she passed out.