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Chapter One – Cage

'What do you wish for Kagome?'

a life that is mine…a life beyond this golden cage…'

Her fingers brushed against the gold metal bars, heart twisting with a desperate want…a want to just once, and it didn't matter for how long, step outside her confines and feel the cool breeze of freedom.


Brought out of her thoughts, she quickly withdrew her hand as if a red hot flame had licked it. She knew the voice and it made her heart sink even lower, dashed all traces of hope she'd found in the darkness.

"Good morning Naraku."

His footfalls were deafening in the large circular room that housed her prison. Closer and closer he came until he stood before her, nothing but the bars between them. Passing a strong arm through the spaces of the large golden cage he kept her in, his calloused fingers tipped with deadly claws lovingly stroked the side of her face as a sinister smile broke his handsome face.

"You grow more beautiful as the days pass my pet." His red eyes gleamed, illuminated by the thin stream of luminescence above her.

This was her only link to the outside. Though it provided a glimpse of the outside world, sometimes she couldn't help but think it was torture. As if Naraku had allowed the small filter of light simply as a way to tease her, to see the suffering she endured by being so close and yet so far away.

He tucked a wayward strand of black blue hair behind a delicate ear and let his index finger slowly linger along her smooth alabaster skin.

"Bankotsu tells me you will not eat. Do you wish for me to have someone feed you?"

Kagome looked away from his intense gaze, finding a spot on the ground by her slipper-clad foot to focus on. "I haven't been hungry lately."

Naraku grasped her chin, forcing her bright sapphire eyes upon him. "You will eat or I will have someone spoon the food into your mouth." His tone allowed for no argument. It was a command through and through.

She nodded her understanding, afraid to say anything lest she blurt out that death was better than being caged like a bird cause at least in death, she'd be free from this world.

"You are very important to me Kagome. I will not let you harm yourself." He cooed, thumb tracing the contour of her lips.

"Then won't you let me—"

He cut her off. "I give you all this and still you want to see what's beyond these walls?"

"I didn't ask for this Naraku. I just…I just want to look at the sky and see the stars, breathe in the fresh air. Just for a moment, only for a moment."

He withdrew his arm, eyes becoming taunting and cruel. "My dearest Kagome, there are no stars, no sky except that which is painted by blood. You have no idea of the horrors that lay beyond your cage." He released a caustic laugh, eyes sparkling with its red appeal. "There is no fresh air, only the scent of death and decay that linger from countless battles of power. It's a dangerous and frightening world with bloodthirsty monsters dearest. Be grateful that I protect you from these."


"You are mine Kagome. No one will touch you or even see you without my permission. This is your golden cage my pet, and in your golden cage you shall stay."

to be continued…

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