Disclaimer: I don't own Rurouni Kenshin or The Scientist by Coldplay. Refer to the Author's Notes below the story for all appropriate credits and musings.

Silence Apart

I. Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry

There is beauty in heartbreak. Beauty in everything she does, beauty.

He feigns sleep in her presence, his sword resting comfortable and cool by his side. There is beauty in the way she rearranges the wilting flowers in the room, flowers he bought for her on a whim. There is beauty in the way she moves around the small room, tidying up a stack of dusty books here and examining a painting there. There is a beauty in her midnight eyes and inky hair. Elusive.

Something is changing, slowly, but he can't quite grasp it.

The soft padding of her feet on the wooden floor is strangely soothing in the way that the steady thrumming of a heartbeat would be to an infant. He shifts closer to it, unconsciously and consciously seeking it. It is a lifeline, a steady stream of breath in a life where there is only bloodshed and war.

She throws open the windows, letting the sun play upon his skin. The warmth seeps in, slowly at first, and then invades him until the numbness fades away in her presence and her sun. He murmurs softly, words that don't make sense, but she looks at him all the same with a light to her eyes that hasn't been there for years. He is broken, but he is healing. She mends him, picks up the tiny pieces and glues them together with her quiet words and soothing motions.

When he opens his eyes and lets her see him, healing and still confused, he lets her know that she is his savior, his sheath.

Dawn breaks, and they will be there to see the sun rise together.

Author's Notes: I've always adored Tomoe and Kenshin together. They have a poignant and tragic relationship, one that is deep on so many levels and complex in understanding. Having debated with this idea for a while, I finally settled for writing a series of loosely connected one-shots dedicated to their eternal love. Coldplay's The Scientist, I think, contains the proper undertones for the pair. The music video in particular, is rather appropriate. Reviews are greatly appreciated.