Ghost Stories: Return of Amonojaku

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You know those stories you tell around the camp fire, ghosts stories, those stories meant to bring about fear in the listener, but there is a general rule. Every ghost story is simply that, not an actual work of fiction but a product of the story teller's imagination and is in no way a historical documentation of paranormal activity. Though there are those who could give you real ghost stories, things that aren't just their imagination, but what actually happened to them during their encounters with different ghosts and the names of those people are as follows: Satsuki Manshita, her brother, Keiichirou, Hajime Aoyama, Momoko Koigakubo, and Leo Kakinoki. They both had been together since elementary school and then had a falling out when Momoko went to high school after a few minutes and Leo accidently replaced Hajime's hand lotion with glue. After a year, Hajime's voice had returned to normal and had gotten deeper since the last time they had talked, which was a long time since she tried avoiding him, but one day she just couldn't avoid him.

Now Satsuki was in high school and about to go to the same one that her friend Momoko was in, but things were different for the friends now. She just sat there looking through her clothes as she thought about her friends that she hadn't seen in a while and about the times they would have back at the elementary school. In an old shoe box under the bunk bed she shared with her brother was a photo album that had all of the pictures that she had taken of her and her friends having a good time as well as a few pictures Leo took as a documentation of a certain ghost's powers. Amonojaku That name always brought up mixed feelings, from a bit of anger at his sarcastic comments and antagonistic behavior to a bit of sadness at not having him there since he did seem to grow on her. Right now he was sealed in a tree again but this time it was his own hand that had placed him there and she missed how he would sleep at the foot of the bed, partly because he warmed her feet on cold nights, but also because she missed him being there.

"Hey sis, whatcha doing there," said Keiichirou as he added something else that was incomprehensible, a habit that he never seemed to grow out of due to his mental retardation. (This is the English Dub version.)

"Nothing just thinking about how in a week we'll be forced into another week of school," said Satsuki with a sigh as she thought of something to do before she would be forced into the boredom of school and that's when her father walked into drop the v-bomb on them.

"Great news everyone, we're having the son of an old friend of mine come to visit us," announced their father as he smiled at the two, despite Satsuki's look of shock and appall.

"WHAT," she shouted at the top of her lungs as she nearly jumped off her bed and looked at her father as if he had been speaking in some demonic tongue and that was, in essence, what the v-bomb was. V for visitor.

"I know, isn't it great, he called me up and told me that his son was coming down here on business," said her father as he ignored her tone of voice. "He's only a year older than you and I'm sure it will help you get over Leo coming out of the closet last month."

"Dad, don't be gross," shouted Satsuki as she put her hands to her stomach as she felt queasiness at being thought of as Leo's girlfriend ever in her lifetime. It just seemed so impossible, more so now that he had revealed that he was actually gay, but even if he was straight he had a face that she could never see herself kissing. "I'd never go out with Leo in my life so why do you keep on insisting that I like him. Just because you say something so many times doesn't mean that I'll believe it, it's like having the second Bush for a father except without the perks that his daughters receive, like the ability to do nothing. Anyway, what's the name of this person coming to visit us?"

"His names Raiden, and he was transferred to your high school a few months ago," replied their father still unaware about the havoc that he just unleashed and he just allowed himself to climb farther into it. "He drives a motorcycle and I hear he plays a mean acoustic guitar."

"Dad, kids like rap now, what time did you come from," asked Satsuki with a sigh as she laid back on her bed and stared up at her ceiling in annoyance. "Well I do like rock, but not some hippie 60's crap that you listen to when you're high or something. Hey Keiichirou, have you seen my old doll with the black hair and the checkered dress that mom gave me for one of my birthdays."

"I don't play with dolls, action figures do not count as dolls," shouted Keiichirou and then they both grew wide eyed and turned their heads at their dad.

"What, I haven't done anything with a doll since that Merry Marry doll," said their father reflexively as he backed up into a corner, literally and figuratively. "I haven't done anything with your doll Satsuki, you don't have to worry, that doll molestation scandal made sure of that."

"Yeah, and made sure that I could never bring you to another PTA meeting ever again," added Satsuki with annoyance at the memory of having to punch a boy for bringing it up. "Anyway when this son of one of your bar does buddies get here?"

There was a sound of a motorcycle barking its engine at an oncoming car and the shouting of obscenities lifted over the foggy afternoon from a voice that sounded like it came from a pistol swinging, gasoline drinking, bad mother fucker.

"Oh there he is now," said Satsuki's father as he started to walk down the stairs with Keiichirou following and Satsuki decided she would have to go. "Just what I need, another guy in this house and probably some pervert who'd want ogle over my pictures like Hajime."

"Oh Satsuki, come meet Raiden" called her father just as she was descending the steps and she could see him coming out of the corner of her eye as he flipped the bird at some driver who had nearly ran into him.

"Go get your eyes checked you blind son of a bitch," shouted the man dressed in a black leather jacket with black pants and a black shirt and black boots. His black hair was a slicked pompadour that made him look like something out of Grease or another nineteen seventies gang film or musical. "Hey, my name is Raiden Kamishiro, it's nice to meet you."

Great, I'll have some charming John Travolta Grease look alike living in my house from now on, thought Satsuki as she wondered how correct she was when she told her little brother she was going to die of a heart break and alcoholism. She could see it in the making as she watched him stroll in with a typical gangster walk and she could see the outline of flask pressing against his coat, probably filled with alcohol. I swear sometimes dad could be the most trusting idiot of all time if we let him be.

"Anyway, Satsuki why don't you show him to your friends and around town," suggested her father and then she realized what gears were turning in his mind. He was trying to get her back with her friends or get her to be more social since she hadn't been spending that much time with anybody during the summer and only went out when she was tagging along with one of the girls she knew from elementary school, but she never talked to her old friends that much and she never went out with any boys.

"Dad, it's almost five in the afternoon, I should be thinking about what I'm going to cook for dinner," complained Satsuki as she tried to get out of having to show some son of a drunk around town.

"Raiden can help you with cooking ideas, since I here he's not that bad of a cook himself," replied her father as he grinned at her with his apparent checkmate. "He even worked at a restaurant in Tokyo not too long ago."

"Yeah, that was about two months ago before I got fired for getting into a fight with a customer," said Raiden as he pulled his flask out to take a drink with it, blatantly drinking alcohol in front of them.

"Well come on then," said Satsuki as she grudgingly walked outside to Hajime's house in hopes of getting someone to dump Raiden with. "Hey Hajime, get down here, I need your help with something!"

"Telling a story here," shouted Hajime back as he cupped the phone with one hand. He was wearing a Creed shirt with a picture of the album Made of Clay.

"It's probably that damn midget story again, come on I need your help," said Satsuki as she pulled him out of his house before he could realize she was in it.

"That's okay I'll think I'll pick some things up for dinner," said Raiden as he got on his motorcycle and rode off into the night. As soon as he was over the horizon, the two friends her the heavy platter of feet and they turned to see their gay Jewish friend running towards them more excited than the time he found he had more in common with the captain of the chess club than he thought.

"Hey you guys, have you heard about the haunted loft that kills anybody who goes in it," asked Leo from down the block before he was even close to them and so he got his answer later.

"No, and from those last words, I don't want to know anymore about it," replied Hajime before he was grabbed by the arm.

"I hate to say this Haji, but we have to stop any ghost that comes up," said Satsuki as she started dragging him with her. "Don't worry I've been studying on how to put ghost's to sleep you just have to depend on my genius."

"I'd rather have Jessica Simpson or Parris Hilton lead me, I'd at least get a blow job out of it," said Hajime as he stopped fighting back.

Raiden didn't know why he fell asleep on his motorcycle at that moment when he was getting near to the old tree, but for some reason he did. It was probably fate that led him down that road and onto the terrain that was the park. He'd always had a thing for doing dangerous things and that was part of the reason why, but one couldn't chalk this up to pure random events. There was a reason he crashed into the tree that was the resting place for the Lord Amonojaku.

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