Chapter 2: Guess who's coming to dinner.

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The lofts were very nice and cozy looking, with the classic hunting lodge look that gave off a style of comfort and some fond fantasy about being out in the snow. Loft 13, however, was the same type of loft, but it gave off a feeling of being buried alive in snow with the icy coldness creeping up your back as you tried to crawl out. It definitely wasn't the type of place that either Hajime or Satsuki wanted to be in, but Leo was practically dragging them into the loft, not stopping to ask for their opinion since it would only mean he would have to convince them that they should. Hajime figured that coming out of the closet had made him pushier, but whether he was the seme or the uke was unknown to Hajime. The loft wasn't lit up, obviously because no one had lived there in a while, but the door wasn't locked. It had a lot of valuable things inside, but no one had ever thought of going inside to find out what was in their because the loft had belonged to one of the most insane men in history and its name lived in infamy. On a regular day, Hajime would never come into the room of Loft 13, but now Hajime was being forced to go there by his friend, Satsuki, who came from a long line of quasi-lesbian ghost hunters. The normal worries of a student's life seemed to increase for him at an exponential rate with his unwavering responsibilities as a reluctant ghost hunter thanks to his friends.

"Why did I have to come here with you," moaned Hajime as he walked right up to the door of Loft 13 that looked as ominous as another god awful Scary Movie or parody made by the same film producers. "Couldn't I have just stayed home and spanked my monkey or get back to playing Halo 3, but no; fatty had to bring me here."

"Would you shut up already this is something that we have to do," said Satsuki as she grabbed him by the ear and pulled him into the loft with a very scared Leo holding the door open. "Now then let's find this thing and try to find out whatever is going to happen with this thing or else you'll be having a lot of people dying."

"You took me away from Girls Gone Wild, Roswell Abduction Freaks for this," asked Hajime as he looked at his own watch and noticed that it was spinning around real fast. "God damn cheap ass watches, that's the last time I buy something other than porno off the street, that guy looked to shady to be selling something properly stolen."

"Is that the unlimited Anal Probe addition," asked Keichiro who had heard his friends talking about it.

"Keichiro I can't believe that you're looking at anything that this pervert would be looking at," scolded Satsuki as Keichiro started to cower back, but as soon as he did that he fell onto the couch

As soon as he did that the TV cut on with the expected shrieks from everyone, Leo's girly screams had become more high pitched than last time as Satsuki noticed that when she was forced to cover her ears. The static on the TV cut everything as the little pixels of black and white moved around onto the screen like a flurry of dandruff or snow, depends on whether you were in the mountains or at the barbershop. The static then started to switch to a random assortment of strange black and white images that looked like someone had been screwing around with the camera after so many years of doing nothing with it. The rest of the gang looked puzzled at the screen trying to make something out of it when it flashed to a room that had padded walls that looked more like a room with a sanitarium on it and in the middle of the floor was a man in his late-twenties sitting in the middle of the room. On his face was plastered a very depraved smile as if he had just taken a twenty ounce dose of "happy" before he had started filming the thing.

"Haven't we ripped off the ring already," asked Hajime as he looked around and every nodded with him at this. "How come we're doing it again if we ripped it off like two times already?"

"Well, what does that say about our writing staff," replied Satsuki as she started looking into the VCR to find that there was nothing in it and then she noticed the creepy fact that the man on TV was looking at her dead on with his creepy eyes.

"I'm in your house," said the man on the screen as he started to grin even wider and then reached down to pick up a prison shank. "Welcome to my humble abode, you should get use to it because you'll never be leaving it, ever again hahahahahaaha."

"Okay that is creepy as hell and I'm leaving," said Hajime as he started running for the door while finding that it was locked from the outside, trapping them in. "Oh crap the damn door is locked from the outside and we can't go anywhere!"

"Would you just keep pushing on the door and stop pussing out on us," cried Satsuki as she backed away from the TV and she saw that the man was pushing out of the TV. "Oh my god it's coming too close to copyright infringement, someone stop him before we all get sued by the director of the Ring."

"Now then, I'm going to paint this room red with your blood," said the maniacal ghost as he stalked the children to a corner of their room where he lunged for them, but they all ducked under his ghostly form.

"I thought you said you could get this ghost under control so where is this power or are you not enough of a dyke," asked Hajime as he ran across the room to get away and opened up a vent. "Come on, I know a way out of here that I've used when I needed to make a house call to BJ Bridget."

"For once you being a pervert is going to save our lives," said Satsuki as she looked at the ghost that was coming behind them and hopped into the vent before anyone else.

"Hey how come you get in their first," complained Hajime as he got in behind her. "Your fat ass is gonna get jammed and blocked the way!"

"You're the idiot who decided to leave through this," shouted Satsuki as she kicked behind her.

"Hey, I didn't want to come here in the first place, but someone thought we should do this because someone we don't know might get hurt!"

"Well who knows, some hot guy might get hurt so I thought it would be good to protect them," cried Satsuki as she started crawling fast through the vent. "Besides who else was going to cast the spell to send this guy into spiritual sleep and I have an idea as soon as we get down there if there is anything that can reflect his image."

The ghost crept his way through the vent towards where the children had been and found that there was something in the corner that as soon as he looked at it, it disappeared behind the corner away from his line of sight. Without hesitation the ghost rushed to where the thing had been, the disturbance in the air at his presence being noted by the dust and cobwebs that were picked up by the small breeze in the air as the ghost moved around laughing with maniacal abandon. The corner was a sharp blind turn that would worry another person except for the ghost, but he knew that it would do no harm to him if he was attacked by an object of the physical realm. When he turned the corner however, he found that there was a mirror with red lipstick moved in zigzag lines that looked like bindings and before the ghost knew what was going on he found him bound in red bindings while the group of kids started to write something on a blank tape. Do these kids honestly think that they can keep me bound just with these mere ropes, thought the ghost as he started to call up his knife and cut at the ropes and soon broke out of them with a large growl as he started to stalk forward towards them with a look of pure murder on his face until he found that he could not walk another step. With a snarl, the ghost turned around to see that the there were several things wrapped around it and of a yellow color as he looked to see a young man standing there with red eye, a black leather jacket, black shirt, and black leather pants, someone who had the fashion sense of Sid Vicious and apparently the sanity to boot.

"Well I'm sorry, Mr. Vicious-wannabe, but you aren't going to d much with only these," said the ghost with a laugh as he tried to shove the blade into the teenagers chest, but the teenager's eyes lit up and a piece of wood shifted in front of him to block the knife.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not what you think I am," said young man as he called up another hand to take hold of the ghost by the neck. "I may look like Sid Vicious, but I am still the Lord Amonojaku and I still have enough spiritual energy to kill you if I wanted to."

"What that's impossible, you're supposed to be in spiritual sleep," exclaimed the ghost as he seemed to be unsure, but then he remembered the kids right behind him.

"Go ahead and seal the damn ghost, just make up some crap having to do with him or something," said the young man who had introduced himself as Amonojaku. "His name is Kurasampa!"

"Kurasampa, time to put up the porn," chanted Satsuki as she used the talisman to bind the ghost. "Kurasampa, go back to where you born. Kurasampa, hope our writers come up with something. Kurasampa, cause we're doing the Ring!"

"NOOOOOOOOO," cried the ghost as he was pulled into the talisman that was slapped onto a blank tape that they had found near the VCR.

"Phew, well that is one thing done, but how did Sid Vicious know what to do," asked Hajime as he looked at Raiden and seemed to notice something different about him.

"You idiot, didn't you notice that my voice changed all of a sudden to something very familiar," said Raiden as he looked at the both of them with a "did you eat a bowl of retarded for breakfast" look.

"What," exclaimed Satsuki as she looked at him and then sighed. "Why the hell are you here and in the body of my dad's friend's son? He's going to be pissed when he finds out that some Keibler Elf reject is in the body of his friend's son!"

"Quit you're whining, I helped you out and seems like there is a lot I should do while I'm here and relaxing," said Amonojaku as he yawned a bit. "But there is no way you can put me back to spiritual sleep with all the other ghostly events that are happening in this town so I think you should all get to cracking on that if you wish to get rid of me."

"Great and I thought school starting up again would be the biggest worry that I have, but now I've got all this crap," whined Satsuki as she dropped to her knees holding her head in her hands.

"Well at least we can get some help with the ghost hunting," said Leo as he looked at Amonojaku and the body he had possessed.

"Don't count on it fairy, not unless I feel like it and there is something in it for me," said Amonojaku as he scratched his head with his foot, a habit he got from being a cat and apparently, Raiden had been doing that himself. "Come on, let's get home and get me some dinner."