The Wars of Duncan

The sun just risen, over the mountains as the rays kissed the cheeks of a young man named Ryder. He was nothing but a poor farmer, the fourth son of Digga and Lanie, but the only one still breathing. The other three died in the Great War of Havar, a war that was formed when Rebels from the east of Havar, Duncan, went against Havars orders and tried to form a kingdom of there own. But Ryder would soon find out that Duncan wouldn't give up there fight to become a kingdom soon enough.

Ryder, who was only 15-years-old, woke up doing his regular scheduling, going down to the market area to do what he does best, steal. Now Ryder isn't a bad kid, but his family is poor and needs the money and food because you see the harvest at the family's farm hasn't been doing so well since the Great War of Havars. The crops in Havar has been very bad since the Great War of Havars, so rumors had been spreading about a magician cursing the land of Havar, but this was only a rumor. So Ryder went into the market looking at all the wonderful fabrics and weapons and foods. That's where he saw his first target. A stand ran by an old man, who looked 98 years pass his senior. So Ryder thinking quickly threw a rock near a pack of Camels near the old mans stand when all of the sudden the Camels started to go into a riot out of control. That's when Ryder ran in through the cloud of dust grabbed a handful of fruit and gold and snuck back out without being detected.

Ryder jumped back onto his horse and galloped it back miles and miles east back to his farm. When he arrived he had seen a filmilar figure in the distance. As his horse, Raven, galloped closer he noticed that it was his friend Joan. Now Joan wasn't liked by many of the other people of Havar, because when Joan came to Havar it was in the middle of the Great War and Joan was coming from Duncan, but to Ryder that didn't mean much.

"Well how do you do"