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'blah' means thinking

"blah" means speaking

"Draco Malfoy has spotted the Snitch! He and Cho Chang are racing…they're neck and neck…is it? Could it be? Yes! Draco Malfoy has caught the Snitch!" Lee Jordan was commentating.

Madam Hooch blew her whistle. "Slytherin wins!"

The Slytherin stands erupted in applause and cheers. In the faculty stands, the reactions were mixed. Albus Dumbledore clapped politely as he glanced at his Potions Master. He could tell Severus Snape was very proud of his Slytherins, even though he didn't show it. All Snape did was clap, albeit enthusiastically, but wait! 'Could it be?' Dumbledore thought. 'Is it. There is a slight smile on his lips.'

"Well, Minerva. That was an exciting game, don't you think?" Dumbledore asked.

Minerva McGonagall nodded. "Yes, except for the end. I would have preferred it if Ravenclaw won."

"Yes, but the seeker maneuvers did remind you of another seeker, didn't they?"

The corners of McGonagall's mouth twitched. She knew exactly who the Headmaster was talking about. This particular person joined his Quidditch team three years after she started teaching. He had long dark hair and had the latest broomstick. "Yes, Albus. Mr. Malfoy probably learned a little from him."

"Possible." The staff started to leave the stands. "I did notice the commentating was unbiased. How did you do it?"

"I told him that he'd lose the post if he didn't clean up his announcements. It's really amazing how hard someone will try when threatened."

"How Slytherin of you, Minerva."

"Now you're insulting me, Albus."

"Some would consider it a compliment."

"Like who?"

"Like me." Dumbledore and McGonagall turned to face the newcomer.

"Severus, how nice of you to join us," Dumbledore said.

Severus Snape sneered. "Indeed."

Unfazed by Snape's attitude, Dumbledore asked, "So, what did you think of the game, Severus?"

The Potions Master's eyes lit up slightly at the question. "I thoroughly enjoyed the game, Albus. The chasers played well as did the beaters. The seekers, though, did exceptionally well."

""I'm glad to hear you still have passion for the game, my boy."

"Why is that?"

"I'll tell you after lunch in the staff room, Severus. Minerva, if you could tell Poppy, Remus, Sirius, Pomona, and Rolanda to be there as well. Of course, you'll be there, my dear."

"Of course, Albus."


"Why did Albus ask us to be here?" Remus Lupin asked.

"I don't know," McGonagall replied. "He never told me."

"Why?" Sirius Black inquired.

"Because I didn't want to repeat myself." Dumbledore walked in.

"Headmaster, why did you call this meeting?" Snape asked.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. "I had an idea to have a staff versus students Quidditch game soon."

"There's no point in playing, Albus. The Students would beat us," McGonagall stated.

"What makes you so certain, Minerva?"

"We are too old to be playing Quidditch!" McGonagall pointed out.

"They would fly circles around us!" Pomona Sprout added.

"Those obstacles can be overcome with Severus's help, of course," Dumbledore countered.

'Why does-oh no.' Snape thought. "You've finally lost it, Headmaster."

The other six staff members turned to Snape. Rolanda Hooch said, "What is he planning, Severus?"

Snape sighed. "Albus wants me to brew a youth potion and to have the seven Quidditch players drink it."

Silence reigned as five of the staff members' faces showed expressions of horror at what Dumbledore was planning.

A voice broke the silence. "Sounds like it could be fun. What do you think, Remus?"

"Could be fun, Sirius. So, who are the players?" Lupin asked.

"Well, you and Sirius are the beaters, Poppy would be the keeper, Minerva, Rolanda, and Pomona will be the chasers, and the seeker…" Dumbledore trailed off, letting his gaze rest on Snape.

"Oh no, Albus. I have no qualms about brewing the potion, but I am not under any circumstances playing seeker."

"Be reasonable, Severus. You're the only staff member that's ever played seeker," Dumbledore said.


"C'mon, Severus. You know you're the best seeker Hogwarts has seen in many years," McGonagall chimed in.

"I'll agree with you in that one."

"Plus, it would give you the opportunity to humiliate Harry Potter outside of the dungeons."

"Yes. That would be fun."

"It's settled then. Severus, get to work brewing the potion, and you seven will take it tonight."

"Hey, I didn't agree to anything except brewing the potion!" Snape exclaimed.

"Too late, Severus. It's been decided, and you did agree to be our seeker," McGonagall pointed out.

"You tricked me," Snape hissed as he stalked toward the dungeons.

"You know you did trick him, Minerva."

"I know, Albus."


The six members of the staff Quidditch team were in the Hospital Wing, waiting for Snape to come up with their potions. Fortunately, they didn't have long to wait. Snape stalked in minutes later with seven goblets floating behind him. He levitated them to a nearby table and guided them gently down. He walked over to the group of professors.

"Each goblet contains the youth potion as well as a sleeping draft," Snape explained, indicating the seven goblets near him.

"Why put a sleeping draft in there, Severus?" McGonagall asked.

"Because the youth potion specified by the Headmaster is a bit painful, but is less so if you're asleep.

"I don't trust him!" Black exclaimed.

"If you want proof, Black, I'll be delighted to give you some." Snape grabbed a goblet.

"Wait, Severus. I'll test it with you." McGonagall grabbed another goblet.

"So will I." Lupin followed suite.

They each sat on a bed and drank the combined potions. As the three professors fell asleep, Pomphrey, Hooch, and Sprout each grabbed a goblet. However, Black still eyed the remaining goblet with mistrust.

"Sirius, would Severus actually try to poison us AND drink the very same potion?" asked Pomphrey.

"No, I guess not." Black sighed as he grabbed the last goblet. The last four staff members each sat on a bed, drank their drafts, and fell asleep.

Later that night, Dumbledore entered the Hospital Wing and checked on each of the rejuvenated staff members. When he got to Severus, he sat down on the bed next to him. He stroked Severus's long hair like a father would do to a son. He smiled as he got up a few minutes later. When Dumbledore got to the door, he heard a tired voice, which made him stop. "Headmaster?"

Dumbledore turned back around, smiling, and walked back to the first bed. "Yes, Severus."

"Did everyone take their potion?"

"Yes, they did." Dumbledore noticed Severus could barely keep his eyes open. "Go back to sleep, Severus." Dumbledore brushed Severus's hair over his shoulders. (AN: From now on, I'm going to refer to the staff Quidditch members by their first names).

As Severus fell back asleep, Dumbledore surveyed the teachers. Severus still had his black hair, but now it was a little past his shoulders and had blue eyes. Dumbledore remembered what had happened. It was an accident in a potions class Severus attended in his sixth year. Sirius Black had exploded his potion, which landed in Severus's face, causing eye damage.

On the next bed was his Deputy Headmistress. Her dark brown hair was waist length, and he knew her eyes were their normal color (as were the rest of the staff's). Next was Remus with his light brown hair. Raven-haired Sirius was on the bed next to his partner. Both DADA teachers had shoulder-length hair. Rolanda's grey hair was now a light brown, and Pomona's dull red hair was now as bright as any Weasley's. Poppy's hair was dark brown. The last two staff members had hair that reached the middle of their backs. All seven were much thinner, though Severus was the skinniest. The rejuvenated teachers were still recognizable as who they were. Or maybe that was just Dumbledore, who had seen each one at this age. Dumbledore left the Hospital Wing. 'It'll be an interesting morning.'