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Severus: You. Are. Insane!

Ruby Moon-Snape: Thanks for the compliment, Severus!

Severus (growling): That wasn't a compliment!

Ruby Moon-Snape (giggles)

'blah' means thoughts

It didn't take long for Poppy to fix Severus's arm, and they joined everyone in the Great Hall for dinner. All through dinner the staff was talking about the two Quidditch games.

"The seven of you played exceptionally well,' Dumbledore commented.

"Sirius, the way you hit those Bludgers reminded meh of yer school days," Hagrid added.

"Hey, Sirius. Thanks again for protecting me from that Bludger," Severus put in.

"No problem, Severus."

Several people around them stared at the two rejuvenated staff members.

"What?' they chorused.

"You two are getting along," Remus answered.

There was a moment of silence. Then, Flitwick spoke up. "The capture of the Golden Snitch was exciting. Truly a moment for the history books."

"Yes. I had wondered how suck a match would end," mentioned Dumbledore.

The comments kept flying around the Head table, most of which were about Severus. All of this attention was making him a little nervous and embarrassed. Severus stood up, catching Minerva's and Dumbledore's attention.

"Where are you going, Severus?" Minerva asked.

"I have to brew the antidote," Severus replied with a slight smile. He left the Great Hall without another word.


Severus walked into the Hospital Wing with seven potion-filled goblets floating in front of him. He flicked his wand, which caused the goblets to land gently on a nearby table. "This is the antidote complete with a sleeping potion."

"Before we drink the potion, we should un-shrink out robes," Rolanda mentioned.

"Good idea," Pomona added. The others nodded, and all of them cast the charm to un-shrink their robes.

Severus pushed his right sleeve up with his left sleeve in order to grab a goblet. The other six adolescent staff members followed suit. Each one chose a bed, drank their potion, laid down, and fell asleep. Severus sat down on one bed and drank his potion. He fell asleep with this thought on his mind: 'At least I can go back to assigning Gryffindors detention.'

(AN: Now, that the staff members are back to being adults I'll be referring to them by their last names).

The next morning brought the sun's rays, which shone through the Hospital Wing's curtains and woke McGonagall. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. She surveyed her staff and smiled, satisfied that they all could go back to teaching. She looked at Severus, and her brown eyes met blue ones. "You found a way to keep your true eye color."

"I found I liked my eye color." Snape stood up and walked out of the Hospital Wing. "I'll see everyone at breakfast."

McGonagall watched Snape leave, a slight blush staining her cheeks. 'He's back to being his usual self.' Movement to her right caught her attention. She looked over and saw Lupin and Black waking up, followed closely by Pomphrey, Sprout, and Hooch. The Head of Gryffindor smiled to herself. 'Even though things are back to normal, life is a little bit better.'