1'Twas a quite normal Wednesday, and all through the lab

The squints were arriving, by train, bus or cab

But something was wrong. The woman who was a usual fixture

Was absent, her voice missing from the mixture.

This Booth saw as he glanced about with dismay,

And discovered that his partner wasn't in yet that day.

He called her cell phone to make sure she was fine,

And was relieved to hear her voice coming down the line.

"Bones?" "Booth, I'll be there in an hour. Stay there."

But her hacking cough made him tell her, with care:

"Don't think about moving, I'll be arriving in ten."

"But..." "You're sick. You stay put. I'll be seeing you then."

He arrived soon after, as he had promised before,

And strode into her apartment as she held open the door.

"Alright, Bones, get back into pjs. I'll make you some soup."

She just stood there and gaped, his kindness throwing her for a loop.

But she did as was told and soon she was lying

On her couch 'neath a blanket. "Booth, I'm not dying.

It's just a little cold. There's no need to fret."

From the kitchen, Booth called back "What don't you get?

Bones, when will you learn that you need to take care?

It's just one day, they don't need you there.

So Hodgins and Zack will race beetles. Doesn't matter."He said, as something metallic dropped with a clatter.

He brought in her bowl, steaming like mad,

She tentatively took a sip "Booth, this isn't bad."

"Thanks. Now you stay on this couch and I'll sit beside it."

He brought over a strange box. With trepidation she eyed it.

He whipped off the cover with a flourish of hands,

"What is that, Booth?" his partner demands.

"I knew that you haven't bought a new television set,

and since you're sick you'll need something to do, I'd bet.
So I brought over a portable DVD and a documentary on Nero."

She rolled her eyes and gently teased "Booth, you big hero."

So our favorite duo stayed, quite warm and snug,

While Bones got to watch about that history she so dug.

And Booth got to snuggle with his coworker, who was so much more

That he couldn't believe she hadn't figured it out before.

And so there they sat, anthropologist and co.

And as the afternoon passed, it started to snow;

Before they knew it, together they were snowed in

And Booth could not venture home, much to their chagrin ;D.

So he stayed the night and they talked and they laughed

And she decided that in all this he was her life raft.

So both of them realized, but neither thought the other knew
They just went to the window, admired the snowy view.

And as bedtime approached, alone by the couch Booth kneeled

"Please God let this snow stay" he appealed.

"I'm so happy here, just her and me,

No killers or mayhem, no Cam or Sully."

And picking up his blanket he snuggled beneath,

Not knowing that she had heard him while brushing her teeth.

Not knowing that she felt the same way too,

And as she looked on his sleeping form, her love for him grew.

And out of the darkness he whispered in quiet summation:

"Next time, Bones, why don't we just take a vacation?"