Time Drabble prompt

They told her that if she was lucky she'd live 7670 days.

7670 days. 1092 weeks. 252 months. 21 years.

21 years was the longest any Slayer had lived survived.

Some died as soon as they were called.

Others eked out a grey existence; fighting the darkness that was all they knew. A darkness that called to them as the light did. A darkness that eventually claimed them.

On her 5842nd day they told her that if she was lucky she'd live to see 7670 days.

1828 days left to go, but who was counting. Who had time to count?


Stripped Left/Leave drabble prompt

Curling up into a ball, the Slayer laid her head against the wall and took a shallow breath. Her empty hazel eyes were sheathed with unshed tears.

Fuck him! And fuck every last one of them for leaving her. She didn't need them! She didn't him! She was…, she was… fine with being left by him.

She was the Chosen One. The Goddamn Chosen…. Live and die – fast and hard – and alone.

She was good with that.

She was fine with that.

She was… she was… use to being alone, and empty; with having everything she wanted stripped from her.


Cultivating Friends Cause drabble prompt

"I'm not the one who caused this."

"What, so I'm to blame?"

"I'm inclined to say yes."

"Mmmm, from what I can see, that's a big, big 'yes'."

"So happy you approve."

"How could I not?"

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Try and stop me."

"What about Buffy?"

"She's a young adult now…. Almost. I think it's acceptable for me to – start having my own life – cultivate 'friends' of my own. Besides, she's fond of you Giles. I think she'd be okay with this."

"With 'this'?"

"Well maybe not 'that'! Mmmm, but that's what I'm here for."


Pheromones Bar drabble prompt

"Barring unforeseen problems," Giles stated, "the Aquilaeus pheromones will provide us with the opportunity to study the more…, ahem, ardent aspects of demons."

"Just this little bit?"

"Yes, it's apparently quite potent. But, with careful studies, we should be able to – Willow, good Lord! What are you doing?"

"What? I wanted to see what it smells liiikkkkkk –"

-Four Hours Later-

"For God's sake," Giles huffed as he thrust into Willow's tight, wet, warmth once again, "put the top back on the container before I die!" Licking her rosy nipple he added sexily, "or before I fuck you to death!"


May For December squash drabble prompt

How something so wrong could feel so right, she didn't know.

He wasn't her type….

They didn't have anything in common.

Well… they had Buffy.

They'd both been found and then lost in the wonder that was her daughter.

And now, now they were silently, intensely, finding themselves inside of one another.

His mass – beautiful, young, tan, muscles – should have weighed on her; squashed her body and her soul, but instead, as Riley slid into her – his eyes never leaving hers – she felt lighter and freer than ever before.

How something so wrong could feel so right, she didn't know.

Surprise guest

Have You Ever… Space Drabble prompt

Faith: Alright, raise your hands, you know you did too!

Buffy: No… really, I didn't.

Faith: B, you are sooo lying! And Wills, your blush says it all; you may be lez now, but there was a time….

Anya: Well I admit it. He's very handsome – for a human – he's financially secure, and he looks as if he would provide wonderful orgasms.

Buffy: Ewwwww and Yuck…! Ewwwuck!

Faith: Intelligent, experienced, musician, accent, dry sense of humor…. C'mon B, admit it, you've wondered what it would be like to get it on with Giles.

Buffy: …….well…. ummm… maybe…., just for like, the space of five seconds.

Faith: Drink up!