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Who knew that such a small dose of such a beautifully colored liquid, could do so much?

This pain had been all too much to bare, and finally…relief was in sight, in my hands to be more precise. I fumbled with the small vial, letting the glassy, smooth edges dance on my skin. One drink the parchment had read, One drink, and it all ends…the pain and the problems. If I'd been asked a fortnight ago, whether such a potion even existed, I would have laughed in the person's face. "Even if there was, why on earth would anyone want to use it?" Would have been my response. But that was before and now, I held the tiny bottle in my hands, ready to gulp it down and wait shortly for the effects.

Empty, cold, and alone, I would leave this earth. Alone…may be a dramatic word. I still had Harry, but he was in love and married to Ginny, who refused to forgive me for leaving Ronald. The whole Weasley family had basically disowned me, when I'd run off with…him.

One drink

And I remember that it was him…the reason for my pain and suffering. I'd abandoned all who I'd known and loved for him. He'd done the same for me, and now he was gone. A casualty of this horrid war and killed by his own father. Lucius had tortured him, before finally ending his life, on the cold dungeon floor of his old home. I'd gotten a letter from him, but hadn't bothered reading it. This was the letter I clutched in my hand now, while I opened the vial.

One drink…

And our last moments together came rushing through my head."No matter what it ever seemed, I always loved you. Never forget that," Draco had said. I think he knew that he was going to die. The way we made love for the last time had been urgent, but more passionate than it ever had been. The war was now over, but I couldn't help not being able to celebrate with the others.

"I love you," I'd repeated to him over and over again before I watched him apparate away from me, forever.

I'm sorry everyone...I'd written in the letter. But there is no me without him. Love, Hermione Granger-Malfoy

I threw my head back and in one swallow, took the whole of the liquid. Its effects were instantaneous. My breathing was strained and my lungs became heavy. I dropped the vial, but didn't hear the shatter as it fell to the floor with a crash. I fell down on the bed, lying back and putting my hands to my throat. Everything was in slow motion from this point. I felt my heartbeat slow and I refused to let myself regret taking that drink.

One drink…

And my world went dark. Immediately I saw the beautiful blonde hair, that I'd grown to love. A smile crossed his face, and those silver eyes, filled with such caring and passion, threatened to take me and never let me go. A cloud of light surrounded us, and his arms engulfed me. I was with my lover and once again, I was no longer alone.

One drink…