Title: Rare

Author: TearStreak

Series: Ookiku Furikabutte

Characters/Pairings: newly established Abe/Miha, probably most (if not all) Nishiura b-ball members

Rating: PG

Warnings: more excessive use of italics

Beta: whitedestiny1x2 (over on LiveJournal)

Disclaimer: If I owned Oofuri… it'd probably contain more porn than Tajima's Playboy collection. So no, I don't own it cries

Summary: They had just started dating but Abe's becoming a little frustrated when he can't seem to get a few seconds alone with Mihashi.

It was rare that Abe and Mihashi ever got a quiet moment alone together. Between morning practices ("…Are you two holding hands? You are! Look! Look, Hanai! Izumi! Oi! They're holding hands!"), lunch breaks ("Mihashi! Abe's here to have lunch with you. …Mihashi? Hey, Mihashi? God, he sleeps like the dead."), after school practices ("See what you did, Tajima? Now they're not even sitting next to each other!") and the chaos that followed on their way home ("Let's all go to the arcade today! Hey, hey, Mihashi, you think this time Abe will win you that plushie from the claw machine? I know he's been wasting his change on it for the last couple of days."), Abe was thinking that his teammates were seriously conspiring against him.

They were dating now ("What are you doing for your two week anniversary? Popping the cherry?") and Abe couldn't really say he noticed too much of a difference. He felt like they were still circling each other, just in the stages of flirty awareness ("Aren't they just adorable? Aww, Mihashi's blushing!"). Abe hadn't minded constantly being surrounded by their teammates before because it was a nice reprieve from his thudding heart and flushed cheeks ("Breathing would be good, Abe."), but Mihashi was his now; they'd both confessed with burning faces a week and a half ago. They'd even tried keeping it quiet and had failed almost immediately upon walking onto the pitch ("Oh, you're together? Damn! Sakaeguchi! How'd you know? I was for sure it wouldn't happen until senior year!").

Their alone time was so frustratingly non-existent that Abe had started walking Mihashi almost to his front door, past the point where Sakaeguchi and he usually split off ("Aren't you glad Tajima lives in the other direction, Abe?"). Now here they were, standing in the dark outside Mihashi's house with his home-made pitching target shadowed to their left. Abe was positive Mihashi still used it, even though Momokan demanded he only pitch during practices ("Do you want to be a bench warmer?").

It was early July and even after the sun had set, it was still uncomfortably hot outside. Abe watched intently as Mihashi fidgeted and peeled his damp t-shirt away from the warm, sweaty skin on his stomach.

He couldn't resist stepping closer; carding his fingers through soft, blond hair, Abe gently placed his hand on the back of Mihashi's head. Guiding him closer, Abe bent his neck until Mihashi's red cheek rested against his own.

They stood pressed together for several minutes, right until Abe brushed his lips against Mihashi's flaming ear and whispered.

"Ice cream."

Mihashi jumped in his arms and turned his head to look him in the eye.

"Ice… ice cream?" Abe brushed his thumb along Mihashi's jaw before leaning back.

"Yeah, let's go get some ice cream after practice tomorrow. Ditch everyone at the arcade."

"O-okay." And the smile Abe received in return was one only he was privileged to see, and he dipped in to kiss at it because, while moments like these didn't come often enough, that smile was never rare.