A/N: Trying out different POVs. A small incident that happened in Konoha.

Pairings: Still my fave couple, ShikaTema.

Set after events in my ShikaTema M ficlet, Cherries. Manga-wise, Naruto and Sakura are out with Sai, Yamato at the bridge. Kakashi is in hospital. Gaara, just recovering from his ordeal, visits ally Konohagakure with his siblings.

---- here is Tsunade's account ----

I thought it would be a peaceful day. What with clearing my desk of paperwork, Shizune not fretting around me and out on a date instead (good on you, Iruka! I support ya fully!), the wonderful weather, Izumo and Kotetsu out queuing for her for the latest lottery ticket, I was about to enjoy a blissful afternoon of non-work.

Or I was supposed to.

The six shinobi ranged before my desk, their faces shading from pink to deep crimson. Hinata, Shino and Kiba looked embarrassed, Ino looked defiant, Shikamaru guilty, and Temari of Suna incensed and upset at the same time.

"What the fuck happened?" Sometimes there was no suitable synonym to replace the invective's power. I glared hard at all of them, except Temari; she was an ambassador after all. "Half the third training ground is demolished, the academy students are spooked by the roof falling in... and your apartment, Shikamaru, how the hell are you gonna pay for the repairs to the building?"

A deafening wall of silence met my questions. No one dared to look into my eyes.

Teenagers. I sighed and rubbed my temples. Time for the stick.

"If no one's gonna start telling me what happened, I'm gonna have to sit each of you down, one by one, and beat the truth out of all of you."

The kids shrank back, startled by my snarled threat. I raised my eyebrow; a useful trick Granddaddy taught me.

Temari looked away fiecely; she'd be the most difficult. Even Naruto would be able to tell her emotions were not yet under control, and questioning her now would bring no joy.

Shikamaru was stock still, but I detected the twitch in his jaw. His gaze ticked from Ino to Temari and back again, the jaw twitching as he gritted his teeth. He wasn't ready yet either.

Ino's demeanor was resentful and mutinous. Not yet either.

Kiba stood at attention, his eyes flicking towards Shikamaru and Temari's steadfast not-looking-at-each-other. The boy knew something. Perhaps him.

Or Shino, although I couldn't tell if he was asleep or awake behind those shades he always wore. On the other hand, he can generally be relied on to be the sensible one.

But then there was still the Hyuuga girl. Hinata fiddled with her fingers nervously, gaze fixed on the ground. Hmmm...

Okay. Maybe it was impossible for other people, but I am Hokage.

"Kagebunshin no jutsu!"

The six shifted as five other Tsunades stepped behind one Konoha shinobi each. Temari was left alone. Tsunade behind the desk motioned for her to sit down.

"The rest of you," she said as Temari slumped into the chair. "Follow me. Uh, you know what I mean."

---- here ends Tsunade's account for now ----