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Chapter One

The insistent buzzing woke the sleeping brunette from her peaceful dreams, groaning as light protruded through the half closed blinds right into her closed eyes making the black seem less dark. Turning over, getting tangled in covers, she slams her hand down on the clock finally silencing the noise. Lying back down on her back opening her tired eyes and blinking several times to clear away the haziness of sleep as she stared up at the ceiling thinking about how her life never seemed so confusing before.

Her cell phone rang twice before she managed to make her way out of bed to answer it, "Hello...yeah babe I'll be there in a few...okay see you than...love you too." She hung up and tossed the phone on the side table, scratching her neck as she made her way into the shower.

Thirty minutes later, showered and dressed in faded blue jeans that hugged her slender athletic hips along with her favorite band tee shirt that stopped high enough to show off her chiseled abs, she was on her way to her girlfriend's house to pick her up for school. Pulling up in front of the nice two story home, nothing compared to her mansion, but she'd loved to spend more time here than at her own house because that was what it was a house not a home like her girlfriend lives in. Warming her hands by the heater before got out of the car, it was chilly this morning but nothing to bad for the LA weather but still she was a polite and honking a horn to call your girlfriend out from the house was just plain idiotic so she braved the cold and ran up to the door knocking three times than waiting.

The door swung open to reveal a black hair beauty, her brown eyes shining back with happiness to see the girl she was falling in love with day by day. Ashley racked her eyes over the form in front of her appreciating the skirt the girl had chosen to wear that matched the blouse which showed just the right amount of cleavage. Light make up and her hair dancing around her shoulders, "Hey," she breathed out letting the air around her lips grow white as gravity took the words to the sky.

"Hey," she breathed back leaning and pressing her cold moist lips against the other girls, "Come on it's cold," Ashley spoke when they pulled apart as she took her girlfriend's backpack slinging it over her shoulder, cupping their hands together tugging her toward the car which was still running so that it was warm and cozy inside.

"Are we picking up Spence today?"

"Nah she texted me last night saying her brother was taking her to school," Ashley sighed. Spencer Carlin had been her best friend for as long as she could access her memories, they'd share everything and knew everything about each other. When Ashley came out last year Spencer was fine even went to gay bars with her friend but about six months ago when Ashley started dating Tracy Wright the two had started fighting more and more and slowly the friendship began to break apart until now where they hardly talk anymore.

"What's up with her?" Tracy asked fiddling with the radio knob trying to find the perfect station.

"Honestly Trace I don't know, she's distant lately and every time I try and talk to her we end up getting into a fight." Tracy could hear the sadness in Ashley's voice and swore she could see tears wanting to escape, reaching over she took the brunette's hand off the steering wheel clutching it between her own.

"Don't worry sweetie she'll come around," she assured.

Ashley glanced over at her girlfriend, "Really? You think so?"

"Yea I do," she leaned over placing a soft chaste kiss to the girl's lips pulling away only when a honk sounded from behind them reminding them that they were sitting in a car stopped at a red light. Ashley flipped the guy off behind her before speeding off toward King High.

"So are you ready for a fun filled day at the science museum?" Tracy asked taking her back pack from Ashley's hands.

"Yep," sarcasm dripping from that one word, today Mrs. Benson's class was traveling to Westmont Astronomy Museum for some boring lecture about stars and things related to the stars, the only thing to make it interesting was that Spencer was in the class as well so she'd have time to see if she could get the blond to spill her guts about what was bothering her so much that she tried to avoid her.

"Don't sound excited there Ash," Tracy laughed nudging her girlfriend.

"You try to get excited about having to listen to some old guy talk about dead stars if I wanted to listen about that I'd Google it from home."

Tracy raised an eyebrow, "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Dead stars, celebrities, never mind," Ashley chuckled seeing how her joke went over the girl's head and now that she thinks about it the joke wasn't really all that funny.

"Okay, I have class so see you when you get back." Tracy kissed Ashley than with a wink skipped off to her class.

Taking a deep breath Ashley headed for the bus loading zone. Once there she saw about fifteen other students milling around waiting for the teacher to arrive and tell them to mount up. Brown eyes scanned the crowd in search of her favorite blond which she spotted almost instantly. Smiling she saw that Spencer, who was wearing black jean pants with a dark blue t-shirt bringing out her eyes and her signature baseball cap over her semi long blond hair, was learning back on a bench listening to her ipod lost in a world all her own, Ashley watched. This was the best part about Spencer, the girl was exceptionally beautiful even she saw that but catch the teen in a peaceful state where she thinks she's alone and her natural self comes out well it's a sight to behold to see the innocence still lurking behind those baby blue eyes.

Walking as casually as she could up to the young teen, reaching out she yanked one of the ear buds out of Spencer's ears, "What the f...oh hey Ash," she smiled after realizing it was her friend.

Ashley sat down after moving her friend's back pack to the ground, "So Spence..."

"So Ash?"

"Where you been lately?" she asked.

Spencer bit her bottom lip, a nervous habit she developed in the third grade when she was chosen as the lead role in The Cinderella play, "Around..."

"Look can we talk?" Ashley shifted uncomfortably just wanting to get this out and over with so she could get her best friend back.

"No," Spencer spoke clearly upset with the heavy tone of Ashley's voice, "There's nothing to talk about."

"Yes there is," Ashley grabbed her wrist making the blond stay put instead of run off liked she'd been doing for the past six months and Ashley was sick of it, "Ever since I started dating Tracy you've been I don't know unavailable."

"So I have things to do," she spoke quietly and Ashley could tell that even she didn't believe what she was saying.

"I'm sure you do but..."

"No but," she cut me off yanking her wrist from my hand, "You have Tracy so I don't have to be around you twenty four seven I have my own life too you know." She bit out harshly.

"I know you have your own life,"

Again she cut me off, "Really cause right now it sounds like your upset because I don't come running to you any more. I'm a big girl now Ashley so back off!" she stormed away once she realized the teacher was letting students board the bus.

Rolling her eyes Ashley grabbed both her back pack and Spencer's who left hers lying on the ground in her rush to get away. On the bus Ashley walked over to the blond tossing her bag at her than continued on her way to the back of the bus without waiting for a thank you she was sure wouldn't come. Laying her head on the glass, closing her eyes she tried to remember the last time Spencer and her had a decent non fighting conversation but she couldn't which made her really wish she had her best friend back instead of this girl she hardly knew.


"Spencer please talk to me?" Ashley whispered yet again. The lecture had been going on for at least an hour now and the brunette could care less, she'd made her mind up to get Spencer to talk to her one way or another. Instead of a reaction all she got was avoidance as the blond stared at the man in an over sized white coat talking in front of them, "Spencie pwease?" she pouted.

"No now shut up before you get us in trouble," Spencer shot back with out looking at her.

"Promise to talk to me and I will," the blond shook her head but remained silent. Ashley ripped a piece of paper from her notebook, tearing a piece off and rolling it in her fingers forming a nice sized ball before tossing it at her friend the offending material bouncing of the back of the teen's baseball cap before falling to the floor, "Promise me?" she whispered right in to Spencer's ear making her tremble as hot air danced around her ear lobe but she still said nothing. Again Ashley threw another ball of paper than another and another.

"STOP!" Spencer yelled out turning around to face Ashley with heated blue eyes.

"Ashley, Spencer, bus now!" Mrs. Benson pointed to the doors.


"Look what you did now?" Spencer huffed flopping down on one of the bus seats in the middle of the vehicle.


"Yeah you, if you would have just left me alone we'd still be in there."

"If you would have talked to me than it wouldn't have happened." Ashley shot back sitting across from the blond.

"There is nothing to talk about!" Spencer growled.

Rolling her eyes, "Yes there is. There is something bothering you, why don't you like Tracey?"

"Huh?" the question coming out of left field for Spencer, "Who said I don't like Tracey?"

"No one but I mean what else can it be? Ever since I started dating her you don't want to hang out, your always making comments about her and won't hang with the both of us."

Spencer lowered her head, she didn't want Ashley to think she hated her girlfriend, Tracey was a nice girl and treated Ashley with the respect and love that she deserved but Spencer wanted to be the girl who did that for her. The minute Ashley came out to her it was during a conversation about who Ash was crushing on and for a moment Spencer had hoped it was her but the minute Ashley said it was Tracey well, she'd shut down emotionally. Spencer had gone over to tell Ashley herself that she is gay and in love with her but than finds out instead that Ashley is gay and likes someone else. Immediately she felt like the brunette didn't and would never love her in a way that she loved her and being around them or even just Ashley was just to hard. So she pretends to be straight for everyone else's benefit while slowly dying inside herself.

"See you can't even defend yourself, Tracey is a nice girl why don't you like her?" Ashley pleaded scooting closer to the edge of her seat bringing her a bit nearer to her friend.

"I like her okay,"

"No you don't Spence you can't even look me in the eye and say that."

"Ashie don't...please?" Spencer pleaded hoping that by throwing in the child hood nickname would soften her up enough to drop the conversation but it didn't, instead it brought Ashley across the isle to sit in the same seat. Spencer shifting away but was now pinned between a warm body and a cold metal wall.

"Don't what Spencie, huh? Care about you because I do and I always will." Ashley reached over brushing loose hair back behind Spencer's ear and under the girl's baseball cap.

Spencer pulled away, "If you care you'd drop it."

"No I'd bring it up which is what I'm doing, God Spencer don't you realize your hurting me?" Ashley asked sliding a few inches away making the blond miss the heat of Ashley.

"I'm hurting you...I'm...hurting...fuck you!" Spencer spat out regretting it instantly the moment the words escaped her lips. She knew it wasn't Ashley's fault and she shouldn't take it out on her but she was so tired of keeping these feelings locked away deep inside her, of feeling empty and alone no matter how many people surrounded her. She was sick of worrying herself so much with indecision or her parents finding out about her being gay that it made her nauseous enough to throw up almost every night. And she was tired of not being able to go to Ashley for help because the girl was part of the problem, "I'm sorry..."

"Save it, I'm tired of trying Spencer...so whatever." Ashley threw her hands up and sat in the other seat across the isle yet again leaving Spencer to stare out her window wiping the few tears that managed to leak out when she realized that her friend was no longer her friend, that she'd pushed Ashley away for good now. Her heart skipped irregularly as she heard Ashley giggle, glancing up she saw the brunette was texting someone, probably Tracey. She remember when those giggles and smiles were for her and her only, taking a deep breath she tried to push the queasiness of her stomach as she laid her head on the cool glass.

"Oh," a voice interrupted their silence. Spencer and Ashley glanced up at the same time to see the bus driver staring at them, "I didn't know anyone was on here." When he noticed that they weren't going to say anything he continued, "I was heading out for some lunch but..." sighing he clicked his tongue as he looked out the doors than back at the girls, "I'm not suppose to leave with students on the bus but I skipped breakfast. Look if I buy you something to eat can we keep this our little secret?"

"Sure," Ashley shrugged not really caring as she was hungry as well. He glanced over to the blond whose forehead winkled in thought as she chewed her bottom lip, blue eyes danced from the brunette to the man standing in front of them, back and forth unsure of how to respond, she didn't like getting in trouble and if this guy wasn't suppose to leave with students on board than it probably wasn't a good idea but than again she was hungry and would rather eat out than her paper bag lunch, "We're fine with it."

Spencer looked to Ashley who answered for her just like most of the other times the blond was indecisive about something but before she could say thank you the bus driver spoke again, "You sure?" he directed to Spencer who turned to look at him again, still biting her lip she turned to Ashley for a hint of what to say, the brunette nodded than went back to texting, "Yo Blondie you okay with it?"

She nodded her head earning a smile and wink from the bus driver, "Cool...thanks ladies and don't worry we'll be back in time. No one will know we ever left." He sat down starting the bus up and pulling out of the parking lot.

The bus was silent both girls now that Ashley put her cell phone away stared out the window watching the cars and scenery pass by. Spencer wanted to say something, break the uncomfortable quietness but not knowing what to say while Ashley sat and waited, sure she was pissed with Spencer but if they girl broke down and finally talked to her, told her what was wrong than she'd listen but she wouldn't make it easy for the girl.

"So where do you want to eat?" the driver asked as the bus entered the West 23rd Tunnel surrounding them in darkness except the flicker of light provided from the lamps on the walls of the tunnel.

"Any where is fine," Ashley spoke for both of them knowing if Spencer had a choice it could take all day. She always thought it was funny that Spencer had the ability to choose things in difficult situations and anything mundane as a place to eat and she'd be lost in the thousands of choices unable to pick.

"Alrighty then," he clicked his tongue again as he thought of a place to go and watched the road ahead.

Licking her lips Spencer turned to glance at Ashley who was involved in watching out the window again, "Ash?" she spoke not knowing what she was going to say but needing to do something to fix the relationship even if she'd only ever have the girl as a friend at least Ashley would be in her life, she'd allow herself to die inside just to be near the girl and that frightened her more than anything and she knew if Ashley knew that well Ashley would probably send her packing to some crazy ward or something.

Ashley turned to her friend happy that Spencer finally came to her, finally spoke and hoped she was ready to tell her what was wrong, "What?"

Screeching metal caught their ears at the same time, the bus driver yelled hold on as he swerved the steering wheel in several directions. Neither knew what was going on, busting glass and loud crashes echoing inside the tunnel, sparks flying around making it look like a strobe light was flashing away. Primal screams jumped from person to person inside all the different cars, the bus flipped on its side. Brown locked with blue as the bus tipped, fear mirrored on both faces before darkness overtook them both...