Ashley took a deep breath and walked away from Spencer's make shift prison, well more like hobbled away, dragging her broken leg with her. She pushed fabric, seats, glass and anything else out of her way. The bus driver was in view again and she swallowed down the feeling of puking, death clung to the air inside this bus and she was desperate to get out.

Licking her lips she allowed her brown eyes to search the bus for a way which wasn't going to be easy with the bus tipped over with the door pressed into broken concrete. Stepping over the body she neared the windshield, ducking low beneath the driver seat, she groaned in annoyance. There was no way out the front windshield because of another car pressed tight into it, rolling her eyes she stepped back over the dead bus driver, for a fleeting moment she wondered what his name was, did he have kids or a wife or possibly a husband or boyfriend, did he go to the gym and donate to charity or was he the kind of guy to hog his money and pig out on fast food at every meal.

Shaking her head to clear the disturbing thoughts from her mind, brown orbs squinted in the darkness searching for anything, any other way out. Leaning her head back staring up to the ceiling, twisted metal and broken windows met her gaze. It seemed the only way out was up and through the windows. Biting her lip in thought trying to figure how to accomplish this task.

Crawling up a pile of mangled seats gave her enough height to reach her arms up to the edges of the window of her choice where all the glass had been knocked out. Yanking her self up wasn't easy, she was no body builder and the leg brace was adding more weight. Her head passed through, breath caught, so many cars turned over, the walls of the tunnel caved in on top of vehicles, water dripping and in the far distance she could see a tiny fire starting to flicker to life.

Arms giving out her body collapsed back into the bus, she was too weak to get out. Frustrated she picked up a metal pipe and threw it hard to the other side of the bus, watching it collide with what used to be the top of the bus, the phone rang again so she dug it out of her pocket, "Yeah?" she barked out not in the mood to be nice.

"Baby, are you okay? I heard it on the news but I didn't believe it but you're there and oh my god Ash please tell me you okay because…"

"Tracy sweetie calm down okay," Ashley cut off her frantic girlfriend.

"So your okay right?" the brunette could hear the tears drifting down Tracy's cheeks.

Ashley nodded although she knew the girl couldn't see her, "Yes I'm fine a bit banged up…"

"And Spencer is she fine?"

"Look Tracy when we get out I'll talk to you but right now I need this line cleared okay babe I'm almost out of battery."

"Okay just please be careful and tell Spencer everything is going to be okay because I know how she gets," Tracy chuckled trying to hide the fear but Ashley easily detected it.

"Will do,"

"I love you," Tracy whispered out.

Ashley closed her eyes as tears threatened to fall, "Same here," and she closed the phone before anything else was said. She really wanted to say those three words, she'd said them before and meant it but with Spencer's declaration it felt wrong to say it. A tear strayed down her cheek quickly she wiped it away, I love them both but I don't know ever since Spencer told me like ten minutes ago well, I think I like her too. She's always been there for me and always has my back but Tracy is my first girlfriend that I really care about, why did she have to tell me now?

The phone rang again interrupting her inner turmoil, "Hello?"

"Ashley, how are you doing?" Lt. Dennison spoke loudly into the phone.

"I can't get out of the bus," she said back as more tears fell. She felt helpless and scared.

"Ashley I need you to calm down okay," he soothed, "its okay. Go back to your friend, we've made it through the first layer. We're getting people out as we go, we should be there soon, just hold on okay?"

"Okay," she whimped and hung up. Choking down the rest of her sobs she collected herself and stumbled back to the fort than climbed in, "Guess I don't have to leave after all Spen...SPENCER!" Ashley slid in quickly rushing to her friend's side. The girl had her eyes closed and it didn't look like she was breathing at all, "No…No…wake up honey please, Spencer wake up, wake up!"

The blonde's head lolled to the side than back again as the brunette shook her, blue eyes fluttered open, "Ash?" it was no more than a weak whisper barely audible but it caught Ashley's attention.

"Oh God Spencer don't do that ever again, ever, you hear me!" she screamed hugging the girl tighter.

"Can't…breathe," she rasped out as the brunette grasped her tighter and tighter.

"Sorry," sitting up she took in the other girl's appearance. Blonde hair a mess, mattered with sweat and dirt. Blue eyes dim but still radiating so much life that Ashley got lost in a sea of memories, a sweet smile aimed toward the brunette even through pain and uneasiness. How did I not see it…she's so beautiful even in this hell and she's not showing that she's in pain because she doesn't want me to worry. At that moment Ashley realized that she did truly love Spencer in every way that the blonde loved her.

"Ashie are you okay?" Spencer reached up the best she could caressing a warm wet cheek.

"Spencie I lo…."

"Spencer, Ashley, its Lt. Dennison!" a ruff voice echoed into the bus cutting off what every the brunette was going to say.

"We're in here!" the two girls screamed at the same time.

The yelling caused Spencer to start coughing more blood dripped down her chin, "Help someone!" Ashley screamed in fear, "Spencer hold on!"

Almost immediately the chairs around them began to move, rescue workers moved in pushing Ashley away and getting the two seats holding Spencer's legs down. The two were pulled from the bus and carried down the tunnel to the hole they'd dug out.

Once out side the night sky was in view, lights flashed from police cars, fire engines and ambulances. People on stretches, crying, screaming, searching for loved ones, it looked like a war zone. Stars shone so bright and the moon had a ring around it.

Spencer was put on a stretcher, Ashley leaned over her pushing hair out of her face, "I'm right here Spence…I'm not going anywhere I love you."

Spencer smiled but Ashley could see she didn't believe her, "Tracy…" she coughed out.

Ashley didn't know how to tell Spencer everything she'd been feeling since it all happened so leaned down and kissed her, brushing her tongue in and tasting the essence of the girl below her, "Excuse me miss we have to go!" an paramedic cleared his throat.

Ashley pulled away with a smile as they put Spencer in the ambulance, "I'll see you at the hospital!" she shouted as the doors closed and the ambulance drove off.

"Are you alright Miss.?" A female asked.

"Yeah why?"

"You have blood on your lips," the woman pointed out. Ashley reached up and felt the liquid coating her pale cracked lips like lipstick or gloss and she realized it was Spencer's blood.

"A Crimson Kiss," she whispered to her self before looking up at the woman who was staring at her waiting for an answer, "Can I go to the hospital?"

The woman nodded and got Ashley set up and heading off to the hospital where she'd planned to tell Tracy the news and spend every waking minute making it up to Spencer for not seeing it before hand and hoping to share more sweet moments and tasting crimson kisses.

The End.