"No one asked you, you oversized excuse for a ceiling fan," Brawl growled up at Blackout.

Starscream hunched his wings and stared at the screen, trying to ignore the growing argument behind him.

Blackout's voice came back smooth and taunting. "Scared, Brawly? If you'd rather play with the little bots, I'm sure Frenzy's free tonight."

Brawl's hands balled into fists. "I fear nothing!"

"Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?"

"I'm getting sick of listening to your slag, Blackout!"

Blackout took a step closer, looming over the tank. "Yeah? Then do something about it."

Across the room, Bonecrusher snarled. "Would you just shut up?!" He glared over his shoulder. "I'm getting sick of listening to both of you!"

"Some-body's jeal-ous," Barricade sing-songed from the pilot's chair. Bonecrasher sputtered in rage.

Brawl transferred his glare to the much smaller pilot. "Shove it, midget! You're not part of this conversation," he snapped.

Barricade turned. "If you'd just stop whining, there wouldn't be a conversation," he drawled, not at all intimidated." The rest of us have put up with your childish denial long enough."

"I'm not in denial!" Brawl howled.

"As amusing as this whole thing is, I'm getting bored," Blackout broke in.

Brawl whirled on him. "Go play with yourself, if you're so slagging bored!"

Blackout pretended to consider for a moment. "Well, I could, but I'd rather play with you."

"Go jump out an air – mrph!" Brawl hit the wall hard, propelled face first into the bulkhead by a powerful shove from Blackout.

"See, isn't this nice?" Blackout purred, smirking sadistically.

Barricade laughed in the background as Brawl struggled against the huge mech's restraining bulk.

Temper snapping, Bonecrusher turned in his chair. "Go grope each other somewhere besides in the middle of the bridge!"

"Aw, Crusher's so cute when he's jealous. Tell me, Bonecrusher, who are you jealous of, anyway?" Barricade's grin was viciously sharp. "Been wanting to jump Brawl for a while, haven't you? Or do you fantasize about being pinned to a wall and –"

Bonecrusher lunged, knocking Barricade to the floor with a resounding crash. "You want pinned?" he howled, straddling Barricade and punching him in the face. "I'll give you pinned!"

Starscream sulked in front of the monitors. Did they have to do this every time they argued?! "All of you! OUT!"

"That guy needs to g-get laid-d-d," Frenzy commented, perched out of the way on one of the consoles. Scorponok chirred in agreement, optics focused on the activities on the other side of the room with interest.