Four Weeks Later

Letter from Bartholomew Jones to Samantha Jones.


I am well, thanks for asking. The job is working out well and might become a permanent position.

Angelica is doing fine, considering that we lied to her for most of her life. I never felt right about it, Sam. We should have found a better way.

She seems happier, less depressed. She's returned to the Warriors, for now at least. I worry, but I think you are right. At least this way, she has a choice. She's keeping in mind what you said. One of the Warriors is trying to find a way to rig some kind of salary. Seems Angel isn't the only one who could use a paycheck.

She and Vance are dating again. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure how I feel about that. Before they had an official date, Vance came down here and apologized to me, told me what happened, what he did to be more exact, stuff that even Angel hadn't told me. Said he wanted a clean slate with me before he started dating Angel again. Good thing I didn't know the whole story before or I would have kicked his ass when he showed up trying to contact you. It took guts to do tell me, I have to admit. Sorta admire it too. And he was there for her during the whole mess that we made. There for her when she got back. Angel said he would show up at her place with food or coffee, and they would talk. If she was painting, she is going to be in another show by the way, he would wait until she was done. I believed him when he said he loved her. He's a good man who knows he made a mistake and he is trying to put it right. I'm not sure, however, I'm happy about the relationship, but I'm reserving judgment.

The strange thing is that Stephan has asked to speak to Angelica. I know, I'm thinking the same thing. But Angel and Vance think it might be a good idea. I'll let you know. I'm not sure what he would tell her.

As to your final question, I've asked her. She's not sure. I think she's afraid of the answer to the question that she, Vance, and I all have. If she writes you, she'll have to ask it.

But Samantha, I need to know. You owe me, and her, the truth. You know that. So I'll ask. When you brought Angel's painting, did you do it to have something of her, or was it to draw out Stephan?


Text of a letter from Samantha Jones to Bartholomew Jones.


In response to your question the answer is,

I don't know. I honestly don't.